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Star Traks chronicles the voyages of the truly inept -
Their continuing mission to simply survive;
To seek out new life and flee from it;
To boldly screw up where none have screwed up before!

Welcome to The Star Traks: Nexus - the hub site of a series of comedic stories set in the Star Trek universe. You will find no Kirks here, nor Picards, Siskos, Janeways, or other good Starfleet captains, crews, and their ships. However, you will find the rejects, the square pegs, the morons and idiots. The Star Traks stories are comedies that not only hold up Star Trek to the twisted mirror of parody in an attempt to enrage all who whole the genre dear, but poke fun at life in general...and who knows, may even have a message to convey about the silliness of real life. Well, perhaps the last is a bit farfetched. Check out the F.A.Q. page for all those burning questions you may harbor.


12/28/17 - It's a double Star Traks: Silverado season finale update extravaganza! - "Split Views" and "Reflections" have been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

12/3/16 - New Star Traks: Silverado - "On the Road Again," has been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

11/19/16 - New Star Traks: Silverado - "Short-Changed," has been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

11/5/16 - New Star Traks: Silverado - "Into the Depths," has been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

10/22/16 - New Star Traks: Silverado - "That Single Life," has been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

10/8/16 - New Star Traks: Silverado - "Side Dish," has been posted on the Star Traks: Silverado page!

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Original Star Traks by Alan Decker, chronicles the adventures of the USS Secondprize. If the Enterprise holds Starfleet's best and brightest, the others have to go somewhere, right? Captain Rydell uses his own unique style of command to hold together his crew and somehow deal with the strangest the galaxy can throw at them. Obnoxious belchers, gender-swapping time lines, and slimey, pus-filled aliens who really want to be your friend are just an average day on the Secondprize.

Original Traks

Series Complete.

Star Traks: Waystation also by Alan Decker, follows Commander Lisa Beck and a few other Secondprize refugees as they attempt to hold down one of the shoddiest forts in the galaxy against an incredibly xenophobic race and general boredom.


Series Complete.

Star Traks: The Vexed Generation by Anthony Butler, follows the trials and tribulations of Captain Andy Baxter and his crew of assorted nimrods and misfits as they try to prove to the rest of the universe that they're not as incompetent as everyone thought they'd be. Captain Baxter was originally the Lieutenant in charge of Inventory aboard the USS Secondprize, when he was mysteriously promoted to Captain and sent off in command of the USS Aerostar to find missing property in the weird and colorful Bermuda Expanse. What the Aerostar crew finds is more than they bargained for. From there, it just keeps getting weirder...


Most recent update on 12/25/12

Star Traks: Boldly Gone... by Alan Decker and Anthony Butler, takes Star Traks into the future...well, farther into the future anyway. Over a century after the adventures of Rydell, Baxter, Captain and Vorezze, the crew of the USS Anomaly proves that Starfleet still needs a place to put those "problem" officers.

Boldly Gone...

Most recent update on 10/3/10.

Star Traks: Silverado by Brendan Chris details the adventures of a slightly inexperienced crew aboard a slighty used vessel as they take abuse from Starfleet Command, crazy construction crews, beautiful aliens and each other. The ship was dragged out of the junkyard, the doctor hates men, the helmswoman is blond, the security chief looks like a midget T-Rex and the captian doesn't really know what he's doing. Clearly there are obstacles to overcome!

Star Traks: Silverado

Most recent update on 12/28/17.

Star Traks: BorgSpace by Maija Meneks, continues in the Star Traks tradition, even if the Alpha Quadrant and Federation are left (mostly) behind. Come to BorgSpace, follow the adventures of Cube #347, and discover that even Borg have a less-than-perfect sub-collective.


Most recent update on 1/22/13.

Star Traks: Banshee by Brad Dusen, follows the somewhat ill fated voyages of the Banshee, a cutting edge starship that somehow fell under the command of a crew best described as severely incompetent. And the Federation trusts these people to head up the secret agency called Section Thirty-One?


Most recent update on 9/14/05.

The Traks Files by Alan Decker is a limited-run series about Samantha Dallas and Batyn, two Starfleet Intelligence agents assigned to investigate the weird, the bizarre, and freakish of the 24th century.

The Traks Files

Series Complete.

Star Traks: Unleashed is where we put those stories that don't quite fit anywhere else. Maybe the tone is too different. Maybe the real Star Trek went and did something that made it impossible for a story to have occurred. Or maybe it's just plain weird. At Star Traks: Unleashed you will find "lost" adventures of the Secondprize and Explorer crews as well as our Survivor Traks mini-series. Unleashed is also the home of Once More With Starships.

Star Traks: Unleashed

Most recent update on 7/27/14.

Alternate Traks is the place for reader submissions to the Traks universe...well part of the Traks universe anyway.

Alternate Traks

Most recent update on 2/19/05.

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