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A.K.A. Let Somebody Else Write for a Change

In my mind, one of the greatest compliments that a writer can receive is other writers wanting to play in his or her universe. Star Traks is my warped version of playing in Gene Roddenberry's creation. Now here are a few people's versions of playing in mine.

Ronan Stafford

Star Traks: The Rediscovered Country
Ronan Stafford brings a look at a USS Secondprize for the early years of Starfleet. While Captain Jonathan Archer and the USS Enterprise were out blazing a trail, these guys...well...weren't.

Star Traks: The Rediscovered Country - Broken Arrow
Captain McAllister and the crew of the 22nd century Secondprize once again get stuck with the assignment nobody wants when they're ordered to return a wayward targ to the Klingon Homeworld.

Star Traks: Next Frontier by Cory Parker

Background Information

Something For Nothing is the first of a new series introducing Captain Bobby Halloway and the crew of the USS Haymaker.

Star Traks: Next Frontier - The adventures of the Captain Bobby Halloway and the USS Haymaker continue as the ship is sent to keep the peace in Sector 66-F, home of the not-so-stable Jyinion Assembly.

Book 1: Left Turn at Albuquerque
Book 2: All Star
Book 3: Thin Ice
Book 4: Hi, We Were Just Leaving...
What The Puck!?! - Who has the guts to play practical jokes on an entire starship crew? And no, the answer is not Q.
Fluffy Takes a Holiday - When Lt. Cmdr. Gabriel's most prized possession goes missing, there'll be hell to pay on the Haymaker.

Anthony Butler

Starfleet Red
For those of you attempting to establish a chronology, this story takes place right after Hostage Crisis. Commander Dillon is offered the chance to be the spokesmodel for Starfleet Red cologne. Being the humble guy he is, Dillon leaps at the idea. But everything is not quite what it seems.

Aaron Potts


It'll be a hot time in the Beta Quadrant as the crews of the USS Fluffo and USS Schizo take on a new menace to all that is good and Traksy in the universe.

Corinne Simpson and Alan Decker


The Enterprise crew and the Secondprize crew join forces in order to prevent the destruction of the Enterprise by a powerful entity with an ax to grind. This one's sort of a script...sort of not. I can't really explain it. Just read it, all right!


While attacking a problem with their usual level of expertise, the crew of U.S.S. Voyager receive a few helpful hints from Q and some surprise guests. This one's in the same format as the preceding story. In fact, make sure you read that one first.

Ryan Byrne

Here's Ryan in his own words: " I am Ryan Byrne a student in Alberta, Canada. I don't live in an Igloo and I look like a writer: Broke but extremely good looking. I know all and see all so don't try to spam me. I am also the ruler and guardian of the universe. Comments, questions? E-mail me at No spamming (did I mention that?) and only questions deemed worthy will be answered. SPAM ME AND MY WRATH WILL BE SLOW AND PAINFUL! And I am currently seeing someone so you ladies will have to wait."

You Know You're a Redneck... is Ryan's first story in a series of Starfleet Academy tales.

LaRue to the Rescue is the second story in Ryan's series of Starfleet Academy tales.

A Shameless Ploy To Sap Off Of The Popularity Of Other Star Trek Characters is the third story in Ryan's series of Starfleet Academy tales.

Tasha Campagnola

Morgaine Le Fur

Ensign Andrea Carr faces a possible court-martial or worse when her dog takes a big interest in Commander Baird.

B.J. Babcock

Just Add Water

This story is a crossover between the Secondprize and B.J. Babcock's Star Trek: Specter series. What happens when a normal crew has to clean up after the Secondprize? And just what have the Joegonots been up to since Rydell messed with their planet? Find out here.

Jason Vines

The Doomed Night

This is an alternate Next Generation set in a series Jason is calling, Star Traks: Weird Universes. I don't think I've ever seen Picard in this bad of a mood, and Worf has finally found a hobby suitable for a warrior.


It's Dax's turn to have a bad day as our favorite Trill finally gets fed up with being called "Old Man." Jason sure likes to write them grumpy.

For The World is Hollow and I Have Touched her Hair

It's just another day on Voyager as the crew deals with illogical storylines, annoying animal stories, and, yes, grumpy crewmembers. Of course, this time it's Torres who's grumpy, and we're used to that.

Peter Macready

The Mad Booter

Lieutenant Hawkins must stop a crazed lunatic (that's a bit redundant) who's running around the Secondprize kicking people in the head. This story owes its existence to a comedy team (I have no idea which one) that does a "boot to the head" routine.

Penguins on the Brain

The crew of the Secondprize worries that Ensign Larkin may be losing her positronic mind when she starts seeing penguins all over the ship. Is there a rational explanation, or does she just have a short in her neural net?

Alan Decker

Contract Negotiations

"Wait a minute!" I hear you cry. "How can you be on this page? You're the author of everything else." Well, this story takes place in an alternate universe where Star Traks is just a TV show and the crew are actors. How's that for an explanation? When Lisa Beck goes in to renegotiate her contract, she wants a few changes on the show. We'll see how far she gets with her dramatic ideas.

The Human Condition

I originally wrote this story for Anthony Butler's series, Star Traks: The Vexed Generation, and, well...what can I say? You can't win them all. On to the plot...J'hana and Larkin are both seriously injured in a freak accident on board the Aerostar, the results of which are...unique.


Continuing on from the events of Contract Negotiations, this fragment explains how Lisa Beck convinced the network to give her a series.

Hard Corps
I originally ended Waystation with a cliffhanger of sorts. The Federation Marines had left the station and moved to a mysterious alien structure called the Space Lodge. At the end of the series, the Space Lodge vanished. I thought that I would follow up the disappearance in a final Waystation book, but I realized that I'd really said everything that I needed to say about the main characters. So instead I wrote a one-off to deal with the Marines. That didn't feel right either. So now Waystation ends without the Marines disappearance. This story is that one-off. It's been just over a year since Colonel Martin Lazlo removed his marines from Waystation. A lot can change in that amount of time. Let's check in and see how things are going, shall we?

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