The Star Traks Authors

Who are the (often twisted and slightly deranged) minds behind the Traks stories, the people that mangle everything Star Trek stands for? Read on and find out.

Alan Decker

After completing his Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting degree at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alan Decker moved onto doing computer work for the US government because they're the only ones who will put advanced technology in the hands of a guy with an English degree. He created Star Traks while an undergraduate at Old Dominion University. In a classic case of famous last words, a simple "I'll do one story; it'll be fun" has turned into a huge project lasting more than two decades with multiple series and authors and more pages of text than he ever thought possible. Alan can be reached at

Anthony Butler

Born in 1977, the year of Star Wars no less, Anthony Butler grew up in the small town of Salisbury, Maryland, always dreaming of the day when a network of millions of computers would allow people all over creation to access his stories and share his enjoyment of Star Trek, and his zest for making fun of it. Imagine his surprise when all of that happened in the early-to-mid nineties. At any rate, he got his degree in English in 1999 from Salisbury University, and earned his Masters in Publications Design from University of Balitmore in 2002. After a short stint returning to his hometown of Salisbury, he is back in Baltimore as an admissions counselor for that same University of Baltimore. Anthony can be reached at

Maija Meneks

After long procrastination, Maija finally gave into Alan's demands that she update her bio. Something to do with having changed jobs and moved multiple times in the years since it was first written.... Well, Maija is still a government peon (correct spelling this time!), only now for the Forest Service in northeastern Nevada. She is a fisheries biologist, an endevour she likes even though her supervisors insist she has to include frogs within the definition of fish. At least they are also wet and slimey, although they don't take fishing lures too well. Her ultimate goal (other than to not move and/or change jobs once a year) is to live someplace wet and green where there are lots of interesting fish. This probably translates to a job in Death Valley or the Mohave Desert. When not at work, she likes to camp, fish, read, and, of course, continue upon her BorgSpace pursuits. Maija can be reached at

Brad Dusen

Brad Dusen is indigenous to Buffalo, NY, where he takes great pleasure in being the most evil bank manager ever to grace the city. Brad started writing while in high school, with characters who, while originally inspired by the people of his namesake, eventually began to take on lives and personalities of their own. Brad is also fond of Chex Mix and Lipton iced tea (the kind in the glass bottles). Brad just thought you'd like to know. Brad can be reached at

Brendan Chris

Brendan Chris grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba, the part of Canada that really DOES get cold in the winter. After finishing college, Brendan moved to Toronto, Ontario, where he settled into a job training new employees at a tech support center. Aside from writing Silverado, Brendan enjoys biking, working out, watching too many DVDs and playing computer games. He also likes electronic gadgets and shiny objects.

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