The Technology of Boldly Gone...

Welcome to the Future of Star Traks. And what would the future be without some new science and technology to keep things interesting? Listed here are brief descriptions of some of the gizmos, gadgets, and doodads used in Star Traks: Boldly Gone...


After realizing that everybody in the galaxy knew where Starfleet Officers kept their communicators, Command decided that something had to be done about the combadge. It was just too easy to remove. This led to a brief flirtation in the late 24th century with the idea of implanting communicators under fingernails. This was discontinued due to a major ick factor. Finally, Starfleet developed the commpip, a convenient collar adornment which also denotes one's rank: the essential fashion accessory of every well-dressed Starfleet Officer in the 26th century. By the way, the higher the rank, the more communicator options. Admiral means "surround-sound!"

Wrist Phasers

In Starfleet's contiuing push to make equipment smaller and less easily confiscated, the wrist phaser was developed. This pen-shaped device has the power of a 24th century phaser rifle yet can be worn on a small sping-loaded mount on the wrist under the uniform. Special bio-readout technology prevents messy misfires. Don't you just love progress?


We do the tricorder one better...not that we know what the heck is so "tri" about a tricorder anyway. The device itself is worn as a headset with a lens display readout that can go in front of the left or right eye, which just shows how considerate Starfleet R&D is to the comfort of their personnel. Get yours today!


The raceabout was actually initially introduced in the late 24th century as the follow up to the runabout. Since no one at Starfleet could come up with a faster sounding name, the title stuck from then on. Raceabouts are faster and more maneuverable than their 24th century counterparts and are still the travel method of choice for trips to far to go in a shuttle.


Finally, some privacy so people can do what they really want to do in the holodecks. Holopods are 8 X 8 X 8 foot modules that come standard in every crew quarters on the USS Anomaly. At first people complained about losing all that space in their quarters, but the complaints have dropped off dramatically for some reason. I wonder why...

More to come as Boldly Gone... goes on.