1. "Trial & Error"

Stardate: UNKNOWN

Captain Reginald Bain has turned himself over to the Breen in order to stop a war. Now he is due to face Breen justice, while the crew of the USS Anomaly must deal with the loss of their captain and a war that might not be nearly as stopped as Bain had hoped.

2. "The Bain Supremacy"

Stardate: 178305

Having escaped the Breen, Captain Reginald Bain lands right in the clutches of the James T. Kirk hologram. Meanwhile, Commander Vioxx has the minor problem of all-out war with the Breen to handle. Some guys have all the luck.

3. "We'll Always Have Romulus"

Stardate: 178468

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. A freak storm ruins your picnic. A flying rock cracks your windshield. A major motion picture destroys your planet. That last one is something of a problem for Commander Prosak and the other Romulans on board the USS Anomaly. Now it's up to Captain Bain and his crew to make sure that "We'll Always Have Romulus."

4. "Right Where We Left It"

Stardate: 178543

Life is quiet aboard the USS Anomaly as Rosalyn Bain settles in and adjusts to retirement. But, since this is a story, something has to happen. about a big boom? Yeah. That will work.

5. "Welcome To The Hotel California"

Stardate: UNKNOWN

The USS Anomaly has accidentally solved a twenty-year-old mystery: they found the missing Multek Enclave. However, the Multeks aren't exactly pleased to have been found, and have no intentions of letting the Anomaly crew leave. Sure, it's a lovely place, but the prospect of being trapped with the Multeks forever has Captain Bain singing a few bars of "Welcome To The Hotel California."

6. "Contractual Obligations"

Stardate: 178547

Captain Reginald Bain did exactly what a captain should do. He overcame those holding his ship and crew prisoner, and he got back home. So how come it's looking like he made a huge mistake? Find out as the Dillon Consortium tries to collect on some "Contractual Obligations."