1. "Mind If I Play Through?"

Stardate: 175271

Tovar's past lives return with a vengeance, and the only way Captain Bain can save his tac-ops officer from himself is to get him to Yyns...assuming he can regain control of his ship.

2. "Aren't You Dead?"

Stardate: 175275

Lt. Cmdr. Tovar's Interloping life force has led Captain Bain to a hidden world, but with the Yynsians closing in, Bain must find a way to save the Interloper before it's destroyed permanently.

3. "The Ties That Bind"

Stardate: 175277

The Anomaly FINALLY returns to Earth. For Captain Bain and Lt. Cmdr. Tovar, it means a reunion with Rosalyn Bain. But for Hector Arroyo, a simple dinner invitation from his parents turns into a nightmare of galactic proportions.

4. "Wagon Train to Qo'nos"

Stardate: 175277

While Bain, Tovar, Arroyo, and Marsden are busy during the Anomaly's stopover at Earth, Commander Prosak, Dr. Kasyov, and Dr. Nooney decide to take a vacation to the scenic Klingon homeworld. Unfortunately, "Klingon Hospitality" is a contradiction in terms.

5. "Privileges of Membership"

Stardate: 175340

Lt. Cmdr. Tovar gets a job offer, but this offer from the sort of folks who don't take "no" for an answer: Section 31. Will Tovar be able to avoid joining the Federation's most secret service? Or is it something that he even wants to avoid?

6. "Every Space You Take"

Stardate: 175438

The Breen have stolen a brain from the Neptune Research Facility. Is this an isolated incident? The beginning of a new Breen offensive? Or is it something a bit more complex?