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Re: Silverado Posting & Discussion

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:08 pm
by Star Traks
b-guy wrote:This board needs a 'thumbs up' button...

well...I find this a little hard to believe, a preliminary search reveals no apparent smiley for a thumbs up

Re: Silverado Posting & Discussion

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:39 pm
by b-guy
The Star Traks: Silverado Season 6 finale is now available!

Silverado 6.16, 'Split Views':

Having graciously volunteered to handle a routine experiment, the Silverado crew is reminded yet again that 'routine' just isn't their thing. In their defense, this time it's not their fault. Dr Cadela's experiment is only the beginning...and someone high up in Starfleet is pulling strings and positioning surprise pieces for an end-game that Stafford and crew can't grasp...but that they know probably won't be good news.

Silverado 6.17, 'Reflections':

With the original plan (which frankly nobody on Silverado really agreed to) in shambles, it's time for the Silverado crew to re-asses and re-evaluate options. This of course means high-tailing it to Waystation and abruptly being captured and detained by the combined crews of Waystation and the USS Explorer. Now they have to convince Baxter and Beck that they're not evil, find those meddlesome troublemakers that Starfleet saddled them with and somehow make it back to where they belong in the Season 6 finale!

And with that, Season 6 concludes. I apologize yet again for the delay...who would have thought that doing a Masters of Applied Science would be so draining and time-consuming? I'll post a few more comments later on, but for now I hope you enjoy the much-delays Silverado season finale!

Re: Silverado Posting & Discussion

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:28 pm
by b-guy
Silverado Season 6 finale comments:

I haven't really done a full comments post in a while, have I? And it's been over a year since I wrote most of Season 6...everything is so fuzzy. But I remember a few things about writing the finale...

Part of the reason why Silverado 6.16 took so long is because it's probably the only story where I decided to scrap most of it after I'd already written more than 6,000 words. The final version of 6.16 has the same opening scene and the same meeting with Cadela, but with several changes: In the final version, Jall is bored with the various hand-overs and the delays with defeating the 'Breen', but in the original he was very angry and frustrated. This started a rift between him and Stafford that came to a head in the meeting with Cadela. See, Cadela's device wasn't originally about travelling to other was about controlling which way you went when the universe split. So if there was an election and you wanted to be in the universe where Janeway became could. Cadela tried to prove this point by handing Stafford a phaser, a Presidential pardon, and telling him to kill Jall. He didn't, of course, but she claimed a universe was created where he did. This made the tension between Stafford and Jall even worse.

There was also a lot more focus on Sylvia and her role on the ship, inspired by EDI and Mass Effect. Originally, the 'Breen' would outwit the Hazardous Team and escape, but Sylvia would cause their warp core to eject. This raised a lot of questions about her ability to sabotage other vessels, her own ethics and morales. The thing is, originally I sort of imagine that the Silverado crew would use Cadela's machine to shift themselves into a universe where information on the location of the rogue Matrian bots was available, then trying to overcome them. I still plan to do a story to address the bots...but this setup just wasn't working.

As you can imagine, I had a hard time progressing through those storylines. Partly because it was getting too complicated, but mostly because it was just too dark and depressing. I don't think it was the story the characters wanted told, because they were fighting me every step of the way. So I scrapped pretty much everything but the opening scene (up to the capture of the 'Breen' ship) and the first half of the initial meeting with Cadela. And started again. I can't remember when exactly that happened, but it was a month or two before I finished 6.16. Anyway, once started anew, the story progressed fairly quickly.

6.17 was a lot more straight-forward to write. I knew that I wanted Waystation and alternate-Haven to go head-to-head, and that Sylvia would be involved in defeating the bots. I also knew that Phulluvit had an ulterior motive for getting to the other universe, but he didn't fill me on his plans until partway through 6.17. 6.17 did end up having a slightly slower pace than I had planned...mostly because Beck and Baxter seemed to have a really strong objection to a ship they thought was MIA just showing up. The whole capture, detain and interrogate sequence was longer and slower than I planned, but I think it sort of had to be that way.

One thing that I don't entirely like is that the involvement of the other Traks crews, Vexed Generation in particular, was rather shallow. I needed more characters than Waystation had, and Baxter and crew seemed like the best people to fill those roles. I particularly thought T'Parief and J'Hana would be an interesting pairing...I could see them staying in touch in the future. Yanick wouldn't like that, even if they were just 'sparring buddies' or 'exchanging evisceration techniques' or something.

Overall, while I feel this was a decent season finale, it fell short of the last two seasons. The Season 4 and Season 5 finales, in my mind, were good places were I could let the series end in a good place. The Season 6 finale is not. Which brings up the question of my future writing plans. The short version is that I don't plan to stop, but I won't be speeding up. The long version is that a lot has changed in the fourteen years that I've been writing this stuff. I've changed careers, changed cities and gone back to school...worked in a high-readiness army unit...and gone back to school again. I've also picked up a few other hobbies...wood-working and home-improvement among them. I've also been seeing somebody very special for the past year. All of which adds up to more time spent doing other things and less time spent writing.

I also want to spend some time on my non-Silverado projects. Crash Course is pretty much finished, and I don't think I have anything to add there, but I still have a few Howlers stories in mind. I'd also like to do another Halfway to Haven season, but that's going to be further in the future. I'm sort of sick of the Matrians, and would have pulled Silverado away from them much sooner if I'd been able to.

Anyway, that wraps up my comments. Happy holidays to all!

Re: Silverado Posting & Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:21 am
by Star Traks
Star Traks wrote:
b-guy wrote:This board needs a 'thumbs up' button...

well...I find this a little hard to believe, a preliminary search reveals no apparent smiley for a thumbs up


On many devices, you can use the short code :+1: to add the thumbs up sign emoji to your messages.

Repeated attempts with both short code & pasting browser copies did not work - not sure exactly what the hang up(s) are

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