The most underrated Trek Movie?

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The most underrated Trek Movie?

Postby Brads_Forum_Username » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:26 pm

With 11 movies in the franchise, Star Trek has obviously had its ups (The Voyage Home, First Contact, Star Trek) and downs (The Final Frontier, Insurrection). The question I pose is this - of the supposed clunkers, which do you feel is the most underrated?

For me the most underrated film in the franchise is Star Trek Generations. As I look back at all the movies, especially the Next Generation movies, I find myself actually willingly watching this one the most frequently. Plot-wise I think the film stayed on track until the end (which mired the whole movie for many) and I think the visual effects are some of the best from the entire movie series - they're far more realistic and refined than previous movies but more restrained and less over the top than some later movies (ie: no excessive lens flares). The sole fault I could find with the movie is the way in which they killed off two important characters - Kirk and the Enterprise-D. Had things been written differently with a more satisfying ending I think this movie would have been looked at more kindly in hindsight.

So what do others think is the most underrated Trek Movie?
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Re: The most underrated Trek Movie?

Postby cmdrajd » Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:37 pm

I'd actually agree with you about Generations. There are many things about it that I really like...and some others that annoy me to no end. Overall, though, it's a decent movie, and it looks great. I also think Star Trek III is better than a lot of people think. Kirk kicking Kruge off of the cliff with "I...have had...enough...of you!" is still one of my favorite movie bits ever, and I felt like it gave the destruction of the Enterprise the emotional weight that was missing in Generations.
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Re: The most underrated Trek Movie?

Postby b-guy » Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:28 pm

I was going to go with Star Trek III as well. Generations was great, but I saw TSFS when I was a was one of only two Star Trek movies available at my local video store, so I guess I connect with it a bit more.
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Re: The most underrated Trek Movie?

Postby borgcrazy » Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:46 am

III and Generations are my top picks as well, though III moreso I'd say. Not only did III set up some of the best story arcs in VI (David's death in particular), but also provided some well-written emotional scenes as well (again, Kirk's reaction to David's murder and, as Alan mentioned, the death of the Enterprise spring readily to mind.)
The concept of the power of Genesis, no, the debate of such - whether it should be used as a tool or a weapon - was brilliant as well. Yea, on the surface, it was simply a sci-fi plot device to get the story moving, but as with all great sci-fi devices, it had layers of metaphoric meaning as well.
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