Randon, weird song.

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Randon, weird song.

Postby b-guy » Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:24 pm

Hey all,

I recently came across an old video from last year's talent show of a buddy of mine singing about the new #5 uniforms. The image is very shitty, as I took it from the back of the hall, but I figured I'd write out the lyrics for a chuckle.

This was sung to the tune of 'Be Our Guest' from Beauty & The Beast. ('Or See My Vest' from The Simpsons)

Some men dress for sport, others dress for food,
The only thing I'm looking for...is a uniform that's good! (somebody in the audience shouts 'that doesn't rhyme')
See...my...fives, see my fives,
The uniform that changed our lives,
See this sweater? There's no better!
Go to COR to get'er,
See this hat? Tilt like that,
Red piping front to back,
See these pants? They could be Navy,
But this red stripe says we're lazy,
See these shoes? They're old news,
Same old ones I used to use,
But I rather would be wearing combats!
So try on these fives, they come in your size!
See my fives, see my fives, see my fives!
No more gators, they're for haters,
But I might be in them later,
It's a good thing I can wear them in the mess,
So try on these fives, they come in your size!
See my fives, see my fives, see my fives!

The line about the gators refers to leather bands worn around the ankle, once for horseback riding, now as punishment.

The scary thing is, the guy doing this was actually a pretty good singer. I'm gonna try to get a proper video of him doing this for youtube.
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