Baltimore Comic Con Art

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Baltimore Comic Con Art

Postby cmdrajd » Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:43 pm

This past Sunday (8/21), my son and I went to our first comic book convention. My son doesn't really read comics, and my reading tends to be sporadic. I was never much into superhero comics and instead went for comics based on properties I already liked (Trek, Buffy, X-Files. I also have every issue of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic") or things a little out of the norm (Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Really what made me want to go was the fact that the writers/artists of two of my favorite web comics were going to be there.

Joel Watson, who writes Hijinks Ensue, draws sketches based on fan requests. Since he has drawn both Wil Wheaton and Doctor Who material on a number of occasions, I asked him to combine the two, which resulted in this bit of awesomeness:


After he returned home from the con, he posted a few of his sketches on the site for his comic, and my Doctor Wil request is in there and IN GLORIOUS COLOR! ... -sketches/

I'm a happy man. :D
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