The Star Traks F.A.Q.

A.K.A What the Heck is up With this Stuff Anyway?

What is Star Traks?
Excellent question! I'm glad you asked. Star Traks is a comedy series set in the Star Trek universe. That's the short answer. More specifically, Star Traks chronicles the voyages of the Starship Secondprize, a ship crewed by Starfleet rejects and untried crewmen. Luckily, their missions are as strange as they are.

How come there are discrepancies between Traks and what's on Trek? Picard was never an admiral!
Thanks to continual meddling by the powers that be, the Star Trek universe has changed a bit from when I initially wrote these stories. Who knew when I started writing these in the Fall of 1992 that they'd be on a web page all these years later. Hell, in the Fall of 1992, I didn't even know what a web page was. In any case, I'm not psychic, so discrepancies exist. Just pretend that Picard had a short stint as an admiral between Generations and First Contact, and you'll spare yourself a headache. Thanks.

Why did you start writing this in the first place?
Hmm...That's a tough one. The planets must have been aligned just so, and... Okay. Here's the truth. I love Trek; I love comedy. I decided to put them together, but I didn't want to do a parody. Instead, pulling personality traits from the people in my life and exaggerating them to the extreme, I created my own characters.

What do you consider to be your influences?
Star Trek, obviously. Also, Red Dwarf and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy really shaped how Star Traks evolved. I really admire the writing of Peter David. He is the true master of Trek writing, and he's got a great sense of humor. The Trek novel How Much for Just the Planet?, the author of which I can't remember right off-hand, provided an early blueprint for Traks. More recently, the work of Joss Whedon has been a big influence on me. If you haven't seen or read any of the things on this list, go out and find them right now! Okay, maybe that was a bit pushy. Just check them out; you won't regret it.

What's this I hear about a television deal?
Not a thing. I don't have one. However, if any of you Hollywood types like Traks, I'm ready to go. Just send me some e-mail.

Seriously, what do you want out of all this?
World peace. That, and my own series. I know Paramount would never let me besmirch the name of Trek by putting Star Traks on the air (although they let Homeboys in Outer Space occur), but I believe that the concept can work whether Trek is involved or not. Other than that, I just enjoy getting feedback on my work and, most of all, making people laugh. If you snicker at even one line in a Traks story, I've done my job. Also, I thrive on feedback. Write me at!

Can I do anything to help?
How kind of you to ask! Just send $100 to... Just kidding.

Are those Bugle Boys you're wearing?
Why yes they are. Thank you for noticing.

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