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The Star Traks Banner

By popular demand, here is a banner for this very site. Feel free to download it for use on your own links page.

Star Traks: The Final Front Ear

I've gotten word from across the Atlantic of a new Star Traks series in the works. If you'd like to see Traks with a decidedly British perspective, check out Andy Fuller's Star Traks: The Final Front Ear.

Star Trek Uniforms

A very useful site with lots of information on the various uniforms used throughout the Star Trek series and tips on how to make your own.

Samuli Torssonen's Star Wreck

Can we say envy? I am SO jealous of what this site has been able to do. Star Wreck is another comedic look at the Star Trek universe, but Samuli Torssonen has created the adventures of Captain Pirk and the Kickstart as either animated movies or mixtures of live action and animation. The results are amazing.


If the movie you want to buy or rent exists, odds are WWW.REEL.COM has it. Where else can you find the complete works of both Buster Keaton and Chow Yun Fat? A movie lovers paradise.

One of the best sites on the web for Trek news and reviews. The site also posts transcripts of Q&A sessions with DS9 producer and writer, Ron Moore, and has one of the first Star Trek Nine pages on the web chock full of info on the new movie.


This site is just plain handy. You pick an item you want to buy, and it does the comparison shopping for you by searching several different sites on the net that sell that particular item. My wife and I managed to get a book delivered to our front door for less than it would have cost us to drive over to the bookstore and buy it.

Sci-Fi Channel Dominion

The Official Web Page of The Sci-Fi Channel. These guys brought back Classic Trek, so they're way up there on my list. Now, if they could only get the rights to Red Dwarf...

Star Trek: Nexus

This is the best Star Trek links page I have found. The site had been meticulously organized into categories and also has a beautiful presentation. This should be the starting place for all Star Trek web searches.

The Great Link

Another fantastic Star Trek links page. Also check out their Star Trek comic strips. Unique doesn't begin to describe them.

Department 56 Collectibles

The home page for Department 56, makers of ceramic Christmas houses and various other holiday collectibles. My wife and I like the houses, but they do not come cheap.

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