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Welcome to Secondprize: The New Adventures!

Welcome new and old readers alike to the new misadventures of the USS Secondprize.  Join Captain Rydell and his misfit crew as they seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly screw up like no one else has done before!

Story Quick Start Guide

For all you Star Traks readers who are already familiar with the cast and crew of the USS Secondprize, there are just a few things you should probably know about "Secondprize: The New Adventures"...

The main time period era for these stories takes place shortly after the introduction of Waystation, right up until the events that occur during "The Lost Years".  These events occur after the Secondprize refit was completed, replacing the obsolete "helm and navigation" with the more modern "conn and ops".

For those who can't wait to get started reading the new Secondprize stories, feel free to click on the link below:

Read  Secondprize: The New Adventures!

For those who really want to know a little bit more about this new series, just keep reading...

Series Background

This all started when I wrote a Star Traks story, mainly for my own entertainment and to help myself develop my own comedy writing for other similar kinds of efforts.  I liked Alan Decker's "original crew" characters so much, I found it very hard to resist writing about them.  Once I finished it (after a long hiatus from writing), I sent it off to Alan to showcase on his site, if he felt like it.  I guess he must've liked it, since he encouraged me to write some more tales of Captain Rydell and company.  I liked the idea, and took up the challenge.  Then...Alan came up with the idea that maybe this stuff could make up a brand new series of adventures, showcasing new original crew stories as an additional Star Traks resource.  This is the result.  Looks like I'll be doing much of the writing around here, but you should give Alan the credit for the whole concept.  He da man!

I am currently writing some more tales featuring Rydell, Dillon, Jaroch, Baird, and your other favorite cast of misfits on the USS Secondprize.  This new series will showcase my own writings, as well other authors from time to time.  I sincerely hope you enjoy these efforts to make you laugh, chuckle, and groan.  (By the way, I also hope you like the Secondprize pic I stole from Alan's Traks site, which has subsequently been slightly modified for this new series site, of course!).

- Don Rae

STAR TREK is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures.  They graciously allow Star Trek fan fiction to live long and prosper on the internet.  Support them by watching their movies, buying their merchandise, and visiting their Star Trek Website as often as possible.

STAR TRAKS is owned by Alan Decker, who retains the copyright on the STAR TRAKS name.  I am very sure he wants to find a way to create his own movies and merchandise as well, since he already has a website.

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Secondprize: The New Adventures - Website by Don Rae.  Graphics are stolen and modified from Alan's Traks Website.
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