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A kind person has responded to my request for an animated Excelsior-class fly-by gif. You can see Brennan Brazeau's handywork here. At one point, I used to warn people that it was over 300k in size. That seems kind of silly now. Ah, how technology marches on. In any case, as a thank you to Brennan, he has a cameo appearance in the Waystation novel, THE WAY WE WERE, that was posted at the end 1999. Check the Star Traks: Waystation page to read it.

Star Traks: Refresher Course is the script for the Star Traks movie that was filmed in the Fall of 1994 around Old Dominion University. The movie, if it can even be called that, was shot on video and had a budget of approximately seventy cents. In deference to the modesty and good taste of those involved, I can't post any pics from the flick. The story is based on Sensitivity 101, written by myself and Tasha Campagnola, but, as with most film adaptations, there are substantial differences in the movie. Enjoy.

Star Traks: A Serious Case of the Stupids is the script for the unfortunately unfilmed (or fortunately considering how bad the first one was) second Star Traks movie. As the title suggests, this script is based on the story "A Serious Case of the Stupids," but the movie version has substantial differences.

As per usual, if you have any comments, write me at

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