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Starfleet's First Officer Exchange Program swaps Commander Dillon of the Secondprize and Commander Conway of the USS Explorer. Both men must face new ships, new crews, old grudges, and aliens that aren't all that happy to see them. Can Conway adjust to the laid back pace of the Secondprize? What secret is Captain Rydell hiding from his crew? Is Dillon the man to handle an alien intruder? Will Captain Baxter ever get over being sent to the Delta Quadrant?

Far in the back of the famed bar "The Captain's Table," is a cramped little table where those that don't quite measure up to the standards of captaining can pull up a chair and tell their story. It's called the Reject's Table. Sure, our captains may not be as adventurous, flamboyant, smart, or charismatic as Kirk, Picard, Sisko, or Janeway, but they each have a tale to tell. Pull up a chair and hear their stories. You may just find that you're a reject too.

Ten years after Captain Rydell and the crew of the Secondprize manage to narrowly prevent the destruction of the universe, they are called back into service to finish cleaning up the mess they made a decade earlier. But things have changed. Lives have moved on, and grudges have grown. Can the crew pull it back together long enough to stop the end of everything? Or will one of their own send them all to OBLIVION?

STAR TRAKS: THE LOST YEARS chronicles the adventures of the USS Secondprize during the time between "Of Gods and First Officers" and a particular event in Captain Rydell's life mentioned in "Please Hold For Oblivion" that I won't spoil for those who haven't read it.

The Star Traks Reunion Special reunites the crew of the USS Secondprize for an evening of past memories. It's like a clip show, but with clips you've never

Well, that's about it for Rydell and company. I hope you've enjoyed reading the adventures of the Starship Secondprize as much as I enjoyed writing them (Boy, that sounds hokey. But it's true). If you want more, check out the other Star Traks series available at THE STAR TRAKS NEXUS AND CORNER GROCERY STORE, currently appearing on a web browser near you. Thank you and good night...or day depending on when you're reading this.

WAIT!!!! It's not quite over yet! Check out the stuff I couldn't figure out what to do with on THE STAR TRAKS SPECIALS PAGE

As always, comments are welcome. Just write me at

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As for the rest of the content of the stories, it's all mine. Alan Decker Copyright 2010.

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