The Ship

Starfleet constructed the U.S.S. Secondprize in the race to get the fleet back up to strength after the battle of Wolf 359. In their rush, someone at the shipyards used old blueprints and put an old-style bridge on the ship. This means that the Secondprize has helm and navigation rather than conn and ops. This mistake, along with a few others made during the construction of the Excelsior-class vessel, made the Secondprize out-of-date before it even left spacedock. But, a ship is a ship, so Starfleet sent her on her way. Rather than waste top personnel on an out-of-date heap, Starfleet manned the Secondprize with raw cadets and officers who just weren't cutting it in some way.

The Crew

(Some of them anyway)

CAPTAIN ALEXANDER RYDELL - Rydell runs his ship like a college dorm, very little discipline until it becomes absolutely necessary. This laid-back style of command could be seen as weakness, but Rydell can act when he needs to. It just takes him a while to feel that need. He likes his crew and his ship, and he is perfectly content to stay where he is.

COMMANDER TRAVIS DILLON - Dillon is all ambition and ego. He graduated at the top of his Starfleet Academy class academically, but he has no clue how to transfer that knowledge into everyday use. Instead, he insists on following every regulation to the letter, believing that his superior obedience to Starfleet will advance his career. He finds most of the crew, including the captain, lazy and undisciplined. Most of the crew find him incredibly obnoxious.

LIEUTENANT COMMANDER JAROCH - Jaroch comes from planet Yyns, a place where reincarnation is reality. Jaroch is host to at least six past lives. The most problematic of these is J'Ter, a long dead warrior-prince who has a tendency to take over Jaroch's body at inopportune times. J'Ter is excessively violent and has hampered Jaroch's career despite Jaroch's brillance as a scientist. Now, Jaroch serves as science officer and third in command of the Secondprize.

COMMANDER SCOTT BAIRD - The only thing that has kept Baird in Starfleet is his engineering abilities. Other than that, he is surly, insubordinate, and, at times, just plain mean. He has been banned from ever being put in command of a vessel, which is fine with him. Baird is happy in his engine room or bicycling on the holodeck. Not much beyond that interests him.

LIEUTENANT LISA BECK - The Secondprize's communications officer and possibly the most sane person on the ship. Beck found herself on the Secondprize due to her insistance in specializing in communications at Starfleet Academy, a specialty that was being eliminated. The Secondprize posting gave her what she wanted, but now Beck's starting to realize that communications is a dead-end field.

LIEUTENANT PATRICIA HAWKINS - Hawkins comes from the Tasha Yar school of Security Chiefs. She's tough, quick with a phaser, and has no patience for idiots, especially when they outrank her. Needless to say, Commander Dillon is not one of her favorite people.

ENSIGN ANDREA CARR - When not piloting one of the Secondprize's shuttlecraft, Carr is busy with either her poetry or her massive dog. She's young and green (well not literally green), but some Starfleet experience will do her some good. Too bad she's getting that experience on the Secondprize.

Check out this Carr sketch by Matt Furukawa!

DOCTOR REBECCA SINGER - Why this woman went into medicine, the universe will never know. Singer is a walking emotional disaster area. She breaks down at the first sign of pain or disease. Despite this, Singer forces herself to push ahead and find a cure for what ails people. Now if only someone could cure her mental instability.

COUNSELOR CLAIRE WEBBER - Who needs empathic powers when you can hug like Claire? Bear hug does not begin to decribe the super-power squeeze she puts on people who are in emotional distress. While great for hugs, her overall perky personality and obsession with happiness can drive people crazy.

And this is just to name a few. Check out the stories to meet the rest of the Secondprize crew.

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