Eight Starfleet officers, four captains and their first officers, have been plucked out of their respective times and stranded on a deserted planet. Here they must work together to find food and shelter all the while engaging in competitions designed to test their minds and bodies. Every third night, they will gather to vote one of their own off the planet. In the end, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! Sorry. In the end, the sole remaining officer will win a fabulous prize (yet to be determined) and will be the ultimate SURVIVOR!


Why are they there? What's the handsome reward? Who are the allies and who are the enemies? And who the heck are these Anomalypeople? Find out in our first installment!


What is the newest challenge? Who is going to be the FIRST castaway to be kicked off the island? How athletic is Andy Baxter? Answer these questions and you win...not a dang thing! But vote this week and you could get rid of one of the remaining castaways!


Will Conway's alliance plans be successful? Can Reginald Bain go for a whole week without a proper pub to visit? Who will be the next one booted off the planet? Find out here, and be sure to cast your vote for next week's victim.


As their numbers dwindle, the castaways begin to form unlikely bonds. Is there love in the air? Or is that just malaria?


Three down, four to go until only one remains. But has the stress finally pushed one of the castaways over the edge? And is the planet actually as deserted as it appears?


We're down to the final four, which will quickly be reduced to three...and maybe even zero if Jeff has his way. Are we looking at an episode of "When Game Show Hosts Go Bad"? And what insidious challenge will the castaways face this week?


And then there were three. Which one will be elminiated? And will the final duo pay dearly when those they voted off return to pass final judgment? What mystery juror will join them? And just what is the winner going to get anyway? All questions are answered in "SURVIVOR TRAKS: THE FINALE!

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"Star Trek" is the property of Paramount Pictures. "Survivor" is the property of Mark Burnett Productions. And our tree mail tells us that Alan Decker created "Star Traks." The tribe has spoken...like you haven't heard that saying enough lately.

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