Four years after "The Best Times We Never Had," the U.S.S. Aerostar under Captain David Conway, on a routine investigation of the Bermuda Expanse, is lost. Fresh from a refit, it's up to the Explorer, Captain Baxter, and crew, to find her and bring her back. Both crews will have to work together to free themselves from another (inevitable) visit to the Delta Quadrant, and from the maniacal Overlord Ardek and his Leadership Spa and Funtimes Resort. The ensuing battle royale takes the crew from one side of the galaxy to the other, and leads them to a final confrontation near the end of the 24th century.

PART I: "The Beginning of the End"

PART II: "The Middle of the End"

PART III: "The End of the End"

2374 Cast Portrait

By Matt Richardson © 1997

From left to right

First Row: Dr. Janice Browning, Lt. Commander Chris Richards, Counselor Kelly Peterman, Captain Andy Baxter.

Second Row: Lt. J'hana, Lt. Zack Ford, Mr. Mirk, Lt. Ariel Tilleran, Lt. Megan Hartley, Commander David Conway, and Lt. Commander Kristen Larkin.

The 2397 Cast Portrait below contains SOME spoilers!

2397 Cast Portrait

By Matt Richardson © 2000

From left to right:

Captain Kristen Larkin, Christopher Richards, Captain Zachary Ford, Admiral Andrew Baxter, Kelly Peterman, Janice Browning, Commodore David Conway, Ariel Tilleran, J'hana of the Ninth Hive, Lieutenant Plato, Stephanie Baxter. Not Pictured: Raymond Baxter, Megan Hartley, Mirk Hartley.

May the Directors watch over the plot lines of your lives, and good night, Irma Wilson, wherever you are!

Anthony Butler

April 2, 2000