I'm not even sure if that's how you spell "Albuquerque," but I do know that this is the premiere season of Star Traks: The Vexed Generation. It tells of the Aerostar and her search to find a way back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Think that's an easy task? Think again!

1. "The Road to Nowhere, Part One"

Captain Andy Baxter is swept under the Starfleet rug along with a crew of misfits in a seemingly hopeless endeavor to figure out why ships keep going into the Bermuda Expanse and not coming back.

2. "The Road to Nowhere, Part Two"

The Aerostar and crew find the Delta Quadrant less than inviting as they struggle to find their way back home. Unfortunately, the villainous Flarn have other things in mind for them.

3. "Nantucket Sleighride"

The Aerostar's gelpacks take on a life of their own, and unfortunately for the crew, they aren't happy.

4. "Wrapped in the Ribbon"

Baxter, Conway, Peterman, and Browning are drawn into the magical haven of the Nexus, where they meet a few familiar faces and gradually realize it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

5. "No Trespassing"

Ford, Larkin, and J'hana are stranded on a planet and stalked by the Flarn's answer to H.R. Geiger.

6. "Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things"

When boredom sets in on the Aerostar, the crew goes to great lengths to alleviate it... until they realize that sometimes it's better to be bored.

7. "Cat-astrophe"

Guest-written by Alan Decker (

Captain Baxter learns the meaning of responsibility when he's forced to take care of CounselorPeterman's new kitten. Guest-written by Star Traks creator Alan Decker!

8. "Leader of the Flock"

When Lt. Larkin makes contact with highly intelligent flightless waterfowl on an arctic planet, she discovers that living like the penguins do is for the birds.

9. "Dillon's Brain"

While attempting to communicate with the Alpha Quadrant, Larkin and Tilleran lose Captain Baxter's conciousness, which ends up 70,000 light years away in the Alpha Quadrant--specifically in Commander Travis Dillon's mind.

10. "The Salad of Vengeance, Part One"

After searching deep space for months, Captain Baxter finally decides to take the Aerostar back toward Flarn and Maaloxian space, hoping that both races won't carry a grudge.

11. "The Salad of Vengeance, Part Two"

The sweeps-week-esque fun continues as Baxter and company are thrown into a web of salad- tinged Maloxian conspiracy that sends them into a battle to the death in which the Aerostar's warranty comes dangerously close to being violated.

12. "All the Wrong Places"

Conway, Richards and Tilleran find themselves in the middle of a botched undercover operation deep in Flarn space. Back on the Aerostar, Captain Baxter gets his first kiss in years.

13. "Happy to See You"

Lt. Hartley finds herself in an alternate universe far scarier than the one where Spock has a goatee and Major Kira is this universe, everyone is achingly, terribly, hideously happy.

14. "Diplomatic Relations"

Will Peterman and Baxter ever get together? They just might, if the all-female inhabitants of Beldana don't execute him first for some minor diplomatic faux pas.

15. "Murphy's Law"

Guest-written by David Markham Jones!

When the Aerostar's warp engines fail and a Flarn convoy is closing fast, rely on the cool heads of Andy Baxter and crew to get the engines back up and save the day!

16. "Clouded Judgment"

An anomalous cloud gives many Aerostar crewmembers a new perspective. Specifically, it's a perspective that makes them decide they should all try to kill one another.


The Aerostar returns to Earth. Only it's 1996. (Yes, I realize this is a Voyager plot but I thought it up before them, honest!) Even worse, the Aerostar crew meet up with something more annoying than the Flarn: their ancestors. Join the crew as they fight Flarn invaders, mind-switchers and time paradoxes, along with some familiar faces from Star Traks: Sensitivity 101 and Star Traks VI: The More Things Change... AND a pair of FBI agents who are "looking for the truth." (Gee, wonder who they could be?).

17. "Dangerous Amusements"

It's a rollercoaster of disaster when Aerostar visits an alien amusment park that is anything but amusing.

18. "All in a Day's Work"

We get a glimpse into a normal day's operation aboard the USS Aerostar, if any day aboard the Aerostar can actually be considered normal, that is.

19. "Finders Keepers"

What happened to all the crews that were accidentally transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Bermuda Expanse? Commander Conway's ex-Captain, James Stevens, seems to know, and the answer might just be more than Conway can take.

20. "Alternative Programming"

Guest-written by Alan Decker (

Mirk's attempt to raise the crew's morale by hostng a sleazy talk show is challenged by Counselor Peterman.

21. "Quandary"

Q shows up, determined to teach the crew of the Aerostara thing or two about fate.

22. "Turned Inside-Out"

As hostilities in the Delta Quadrant escalate, all signs point to a sabateur aboard ship. Can you guess who it is?

23. "Process of Elimination, Part One"

While Peterman, Gellar, and Mirk struggle to find a way out of T'Phil's Warbird, Baxter and the Aerostar take on the Borg. Will anyone get out alive? Uh, I'm pretty sure...

24. "Process of Elimination, Part Two"

Baxter goes off to rescue Peterman (swoon!), Richardson, Larkin, Conway, and Prescott go off to battle the Borg, and Browning is put in command of the Aerostar, such as she is! If I keep exclaiming, I'm going to fracture something!!!!

25. "Process of Elimination, Part Three" SEASON FINALE!

It all comes together as Baxter and company face the Borg and learn that the Directors have not been completely honest with them. All hell breaks loose in the final episode of YEAR ONE!