Watch out, alien scum. Now they're married.

How will the crew cope with a married Peterman and Baxter? The loss of Richards and Browning? The gain of Baxter's parents? And the addition of the tiny USS Escort? Changes a-plenty and a guaranteed increase in neuroses is assured for Year Three!

1. "The Honeymoon's Over" YEAR THREE PREMIERE!

Stardate 53001
When the Explorer is sabotaged by the Starshine Kids, Commander Conway must take the refurbished starship Escort to rescue Peterman and Baxter from the clutches of Sesil, the evil Vulcan cult leader. Featuring musical adaptations from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and answers to many of your Delta Quadrant questions!

2. "A Relative Problem"

Stardate 53019
Captain Baxter's parents visit the Explorer and threaten never to leave, forcing him to decide whether to abandon ship or simply kill them.

3. "On the Job Hazards"

Stardate 53099
Just another day on the jobs for Browning on Waystation and Richards on the Klingon homeworld, or

4. "The Host with the Most"

Stardate 53192
Commander Conway finds that love doesn't conquer all, especially when it comes to a certain Trill colony specialist.

5. "You Will Be Inventoried"

Stardate 53207
When the Borg assimilate an inventory officer, it's up to J'hana to stop them from inventorying the Federation into oblivion.

6. "Nothing to Sneeze At"

Stardate UNKNOWN
Mirk contracts a vicious flu that not only impairs his drink-serving abilities, but begins sending him into alternate universes as well. Someone break out the Nyquil!!

7. "The Caped Engineer"

Stardate 53315
After a severe bump on the head, Lt. Hartley becomes convinced that she is a superhero. Will Captain Baxter's extensive comic book knowledge be enough to save the Explorer from her fiery wrath?

8. "Thicker Than Water"

Stardate 53404
When Captain Baxter falls prey to a strange illness, Dr. Benzra is forced to delve into the world of bizarre healing techniques, and Mrs. Baxter and Counselor Peterman are pitted against each other in a battle to see who can coddle the captain the best.

9. "Sacrifice of Bagels"

Stardate 53427
Captain Baxter and Counselor Peterman visit Waystation, to visit Browning's new restaurant and, on Baxter's part, convince her to please, please, please come back to the Explorer. Special guest stars: Commander Lisa Beck and Bradley Dillon.

10. "Days of Honor"

Stardate 53429
More problems arise on the Klingon homeworld for Christopher Richards. Will Baxter and the Escort be able to save him, and what on Earth would force Baxter into a Klingon suit of armor?Even that may not save Richards's life, but at least it's stylish!

11. "Tidings of Joy"

Stardate 53433
Christmas on the Explorer is somewhat tainted when someone drops by to perform deranged experiments on the crew.

12. "The Ford Maneuver"

Stardate 53498
After narrowly escaping the Leeramar, Lt. Ford is hailed for his innovative helming techniques, soon becoming one of Starfleet's most famous helmspersons. Is the Ford Maneuver all it's cracked up to be, or was it just a fluke?

BOOK #4 "Birds of a Feather" Stardate 53542

While the Explorer negotiates a treaty with a planet of penguins, Lt. Commander Larkin gets word that Romulan Commander Ardek has kidnapped the human Larkin and is holding her hostage on an ice planet. Larkin and Richards go to her rescue, only to find that the planet has a frigid, flightless, waterfowl-type secret!

13. "Starting from Scratch"

Stardate 53552
It's time for hellos, goodbyes and the beginning of a new romance as the Explorer crew comes to terms with the events of Birds of a Feather.

14. "Many Happy Returns"

Stardate 53575
Conway, Hartley and Tilleran find a dead world with an achingly happy secret, while another starship goes around tarnishing the real Explorer's good name.

15. "Just Because You're Paranoid..."

Guest-written by Alan Decker (

Stardate 53582
The Explorer is beset by a strange area of space that makes everyone extremely paranoid. Luckily, that's not much of a change for Baxter. Guest-written by Alan Decker!

16. "The Doctor is Out"

Stardate 53608
Dr. Browning's attempt at a promotion is aided by a mysterious alien gift that slowly drives her stark raving mad. Is the jump to Commander really worth it?

17. "The Wrath of Irma"

Stardate 53635
She's been after him since she was first transported out of her cushy life on 20th century Earth. It was only a matter of time before she caught up with him. Now, Mirk faces the biggest challenge of his life: Defeat the abominable Irma at all costs. Does he have what it takes? Find out as Irma and Mirk face off in a battle-o-rama! Or, a battle-o-Irma!!

18. "Generation Gap, Part One"

Stardate 53650
The Explorer crew...sort of runs into some cremembers from the USS Enterprise 1701-E ©, and are forced to spend a month in space transit with them. Not a problem, right? Or is it?

19. "Generation Gap, Part Two"

Stardate 53652
One of the Enterprise crew comes up with a...unique way to get the Explorer crew's minds off their current plight. Only one problem: It involves singing and choreography. THE HORROR!

20. "Love and War"

Stardate UNKNOWN
Commander Conway and Ensign Madera come across a Leeramar ship, and discover some of the race's less attractive qualities. And some things about themselves, as well.

21. "Rapid Eye Movement"

Stardate 53680
Are the Directors messing with Lt. Hartley's dreams? It certainly seems so, if the disturbing dreams she's been having about a certain Maloxian bartender are any indication. What do they want from her? And does it involve time-travel? Maybe!

22. "Swamped"

Stardate 53711
While on vacation, Baxter, Peterman, and Richards get stuck on a planet that reeks of swampland and rot, only to realize that it's the home of a familiar, obsessive-compulsive foe.

23. "The Torn Rubber Sheet"

Guest-written by Daniel McNickle ( and Carlos Hernandez!

Stardate 53770
When a new drive system tears a hole in reality, the Explorer is sent to investigate. Unfortunately, she doesn't return. It's a smorgasbord of alternate universes, all waiting to annoy (and kill) the Explorer crew. There's more alternate universes in one story than ever before attempted, more cussing by new characters and quite a bit of cold blooded murder. Enjoy!

24. "Lost and Founder"

Stardate 53828
A downed Jem'Hadar ship yields a special gift for Dr. Browning, and a highly-addictive caffiene substitute for Commander Conway.

25. "Not Without My Dean"

Stardate 53840
The Federation Social Service comes to claim Crewman Dean Wilcox, and it's up to Holly Carter, his legal guardian/girlfriend and the rest of the Explorer crew to stop them.

26. "Down to Earth" YEAR THREE FINALE!

Stardate 53995
The Explorer returns to Earth for a refit and a debriefing on exactly how much they screwed up in the last two years. In the interim, Baxter and Peterman visit the in-laws and the crew starts to notice certain...changes taking place within Starfleet. Could it be the Explorer's due for some, uh, minor adjustments? Find out in the final story of Year Three!