An Explorer cruise ship? A half-changeling baby? Maloxian religion for all? Kristen Larkin a Vegas showgirl? How the heck does all this come about? Read on through Year Four to find out! And be prepared for some crazy events as we continue on toward what may possibly just be the end of the road for the Explorer crew. Kind of.

1. "The Morning After" YEAR FOUR PREMIERE!

Stardate 54000

Captain Baxter settles into his new job and Counselor Peterman meets the new Explorer captain, while Mirk, Lt. Hartley, and Lucille Baxter attack the Starshine Kids. Meanwhile, Commander Conley "goes retro" with his ship, and Tilleran and J'hana get totally shnarzzed.

2. "Welcome Aboard!"

Stardate 54001

The crew continues to settle into their new positions, while Mirk struggles to figure out what the true intent of the Critics are, and where the heck the Directors have gone.

3. "If They Could See Me Now..."

Stardate 54002

Things start to come to a boil as Mirk's new religion hits some...snags, as does Baxter and Peterman's marraige!

4. "All Hands on Deck!"

Stardate 54004

When the Galaxy Explorer meets up with the Starshine Kids, the old command crew must combine their efforts to save her.

5. "Just a Larkin" Guest-written by Alan Decker (

Stardate UNKNOWN

What exactly happened between Richards and Kris Larkin while everyone else was trying to adjust to their crappy jobs and the Explorer was a cruise ship? Find out, as we flash back to a vacation on a forest moon that turns out to be less than idyllic for Richards, Kris, and Larkin.

6. "Back on Track"

Stardate 54105

Once Baxter gets back from his little...vacation, it's back to normal aboard the Starship Explorer. Or is it? Maybe that guy who wrote Star Traks VI was right. The more things change...well, you'll get the picture soon enough.

7. "Licensing Difficulties" Guest-written by Daniel McNickle!

Stardate UNKNOWN

The crew heads back to Earth once again, this time to get their time-travel licenses renewed. Only all is not quite as it seems, as they soon find out, when Baxter starts acting a bit oddly, and the citizenry of New York City start acting downright SLIMY. Find out just what hoops the crew has to jump through to renew their license in a new story by guest-author Daniel McNickle!

8. "Changeling Times"

Stardate 54217

It's finally time for Browning's little bundle of goo to be born, only the blessed event occurs at the wrong place and the wrong time. But at least she's with the right person: Lt. Commander Chris Richards.

9. "Double or Nothing"

Stardate 54249

While investigating odd signals in Romulan space, Lt. Commander Larkin discovers a lot more than she was betting on, in a very special story co-written by Anthony Butler and Alan Decker.

10. "We Forgot to Mention..."

Stardate UNKNOWN

When a mysterious alien race attacks the Explorer, Captain Baxter begins to get the idea that the other members of the crew have dealt with them before. Are they keeping something from him?

11. "When on Andor"

Stardate 54388

A winning project in an art contest for the Andorian Art Academy sends Richards and J'hana on a trip to claim their prize, if the other contenders let them live long enough to do so.

12. "Love Hurts"

Stardate 54417

Counselor Peterman gets in over her head when forced to deal with Dr. Browning's crush on one of the less popular Explorer crewmen. Will Browning take the plunge with this Mr. Not-So-Right, or will Peterman go mad trying to convince her that it's a bad idea? Or will Peterman finally learn to stay out of people's business?

13. "Thin Ice"

Stardate 54502

When Baxter and Browning visit Baxter's dad on Breen, they realize his time there has not been altogether fun. Given what we already know about the Breen, that doesn't seem so far-fetched. And didn't you wonder what they've been up to since the close of Deep Space Nine?

14. "For the Love of the Bean" Guest-written by Alan Decker (


Mirk's religion begins to take on a...sour note among the crew, and Conway feels something must be done about it--especially after Maloxitarianism threatens the beverage he holds most dear. I am of course talking about Tang. Find out if Baxter is successful in keeping sanity aboard the Explorer in another outing by Traks creator Alan Decker!

15. "Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part One"

Stardate 54615

The crew must go undercover to rescue a Section 31 operative from the clutches of the Starshine Kids. Matters get complicated when the crew finds out that Baxter knew this operative--quite well, in fact. Featuring a flashback to Baxter's Secondprize days and Special Guest Stars from the Banshee crew!

16. "Shine On You Crazy Cult, Part Two"

Stardate 54616

As Conway, Tilleran, and J'hana pose as a loose, liberal, alternative lifestyle trio at the central Starshine recruitment facility, Baxter, Vorezze, and the others race to destabilize the Starshine Kids for good and rescue Baxter's Section 31 friend. Co-starring the captain of USS Banshee and a slew of others!

17. "Talk is Cheap"

Stardate 54644

J'hana and Tilleran air their dirty laundry to the Explorer crew and the whole quadrant when they go on a talk show to chat about their relationship.

18. "There's Something About J'hana"

Stardate 54702

J'hana deals with her relationship difficulties by getting in over her head in a kidnapping investigation. It's up to Peterman to save her, but does she have the guts for all-out, Andorian-style counseling?

19. "Of Two Minds"

Stardate 54732

Just as Nurse Holly Wilcox becomes a full doctor, a cure for Dean Wilcox's unstable brain problem comes about, and the results of his miraculous surgery lead Holly to wish he was braindead again.

20. "Blink of an Eye"

Stardate UNKNOWN

As Irma draws nearer to a confrontation with Mirk, the question of how he will get his powers back comes into play, and Lt. Hartley is left with a frightening decision.

21. "Imbalance of Power"

Stardate 54788

While Captain Baxter and Commodore Velara are at a Starfleet conference, Peterman and Conway battle over control of the Explorer. When a popular election seems to be the only way to decide who deserves the job of command, who will come out on top, the best candidate or the one with the sleaziest campaign. And just who might that be, anyway?

22. "Solid Parenting Strategies"

Stardate 54814

A certain representative of the Changeling race drops by on Dr. Browning and Plato to reconnect with the little tyke and show him the wonders of the Great Link. Will the temptation of a planet-sized swimming pool of orange gook be too much for little Plato to resist? And will Plato's decision put the Federation back on the brink of war with the Dominion? Let's freakin' hope not!

23. "This Item Earth"

Stardate 54849

When Earth gets bought out by some Ferengi, Baxter and company must do some creative bargaining to get it back, or else risk living in a capitalist state so harsh it would rival 20th century Earth!

24. "Positronically Yours"

Stardate 54933

When Kitty Larkin drops in to pay a visit to Commander Larkin, both androids develop a bizarre virus in their positronic nets that makes them totally...loopy, for lack of a more technical term. Will Richards be able to cure his daughters? And, when they find out what the virus is doing to them, will they want him to cure them? And what the heck ever happened to Ardek, anyway?

25. "Keep Your Friends Close..."

Stardate 54971

On a doomed field trip, Captain Baxter and Commander Conway are forced to fend for themselves on a hostile planet, with the lives of some cute little Explorer kids at stake. What's worse, the most hostile thing about the planet is dating Conway. Can Conway put aside Tyra's nagging and his hatred of Baxter to save the day? Or, more realistically, can he save the day without doing either of those things? Let's hope so!

100. "The Best Times We Never Had" YEAR FOUR FINALE!

Stardate 54994

It's time for goodbyes and new frontiers for many of the Explorer crew when the USS Aerostar-A is commissioned. Things are going great for the crew, until the entire universe is wiped out and replaced with a parallel one. Oops.

But wait, it's not over! Head over to YEAR FIVE for the continuing voyages of the USS Explorer.