Star Traks: Waystation: Renovations

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. As traffic out into the Beta Quadrant has increased, poor little Waystation has been overwhelmed by ships and beings making their way to the unexplored regions. Let's face it, the station is just a couple of starship saucers jammed on top of each other. It ain't that big. At some point, Waystation's capacity is bound to be exceeded, and Starfleet will have to take action. That very event is the backdrop for RENOVATIONS, a new series of Waystation short stories.

STORY #1 Gridlock
Waystation is packed tighter than Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras, and the people are feeling a lot less friendly. Outside, ships are circling like last minutes Christmas shoppers looking for a parking place at the mall. Waystation's cramped, and tensions are running high. All it will take is one little spark to set off this bomb. In keeping with their usual luck, the crew has to deal with three sparks at once. Better duck.

STORY #2 Gut Feelings
A trip home puts Dr. Amedon Nelson in the awkward position of trying to hide the fact that she is joined to a symbiont from her parents, the two most overprotective people in the cosmos. Also, just what does Starfleet have in mind for the new Waystation? Find out here.

STORY #3 That's the Spirit
Now that new saucers have arrived, Yeoman Tina Jones and Lieutenant Craig Porter have been assigned the joyous task of checking them out. It's dull, lonely least until Jones starts hearing things. Is the saucer haunted? Is it a Dominion trick? And just what does the missing U.S.S. Aerostar have to do with it?

STORY #4 Dividends
Bradley Dillon receives news that will change his life forever...if he lives that long.

STORY #5 You May Meet a Stranger
While on a much needed shore leave, Commander Beck meets a man who brings mystery and excitement into her existence, which, in this case, means dodging phasers blasts while running for her life. Sounds relaxing, don't you think?

STORY #6 While You Were Out
With Commander Beck away on vacation, Lieutenant Commander Walter Morales has to find a way to hold things together. Normally, this is hard enough, but angry Klingons, striking construction workers, and a law suit are enough to push anyone over the edge.

STORY #7 The Corps of the Matter
When contact is lost with a colony, Colonel Martin Lazlo and his marines are sent in to investigate. Soon, Lazlo finds himself all alone with the lives of the colonists and his marines in his hands. Sucks to be them.

STORY #8 Relationship Jitters
Lieutenant Craig Porter has never been lucky with women, but a potential investor in Bradley Dillon's hotel may be about to change all that. She beautiful, she's intelligent, and she's got her sights set on Craig. Some guys have all the luck.

STORY #9 Lip Service
Lieutenant Sean Russell has been contacted by a higher power. Unfortunately, that power wants to take over Waystation and has enlisted Russell to help. Can Russell break free of their control? Or are he and the rest of Waystation doomed?

STORY #10 Critical Mass
The threat of the Critics hovers over Waystation, but only Leximas understands the true danger they represent. With the Critics in control of the Starshine Kids, things look extraordinarily bad. Can Leximas stop them before they put their plan into action? Will Commander Beck get through an entire official function without punching out a stuffy admiral? Are the renovations up to specs? Will this story end with a cliffhanger? Find out in CRITICAL MASS.

STORY #11 Lip Lock
The End of Renovations has come...but I don't think Commander Beck and the crew are too happy about it. The Critics have the upper hand, and their minions, the Starshine Kids, are hellbent on converting everyone into their little cult? Can the crew find a way out of this mess? Will Commander Beck be forced into a radically different hairdo? Is Renovations really and truly over? Find out in LIP LOCK!

And that's all she..uh, he...uh, we wrote for Star Traks: Waystation: Renovations. Continue on to PAGE TWO for more adventures of the Waystation crew. And be sure to check out the other Traks available through a link near you.

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