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The stories continue here on the very exciting PAGE TWO!!!


A Deadly Shade of Blue
Andorians as far as the eye can see (Hey, what else did you think I meant by blue?), but when one of them turns up dead, the Waystation crew has their hands full trying to track down the killer before the rest of the Andorians kill them all where they stand (Okay, that sounded a bit Klingon, but just go with me on this).

Everything Must Go!
On a routine survey mission...who am I kidding? These things are never routine. Anyway, the crew of the Wayward encounter a planet that is being forced to have the galaxy's biggest closeout sale. Can Commander Morales and Colonel Lazlo prevent the world from being sold to the bare walls? Or will they find the deals too good to pass up?

Waiting For The Other Shoe...
We join our heroes in the midst of a major galactic storm that threatens to tear the station to shreds! Okay, so you pretty much know that that's not going to happen...or is it? In fact, is anything at all going to happen? You'll understand what I mean once you start reading.

News At Eleven
When a reporter from Waystation's new holovision station almost causes a diplomatic incident, Captain Beck assigns Yeoman Tina Jones to make sure it never happens again. Read on as Jones single-handedly tackles the Fifth Estate!

Dream Sequence
As Captain Lisa Beck sleeps, the dreams come...

The Perfect Getaway
Dr. Amedon Nelson is off for a romantic rendezvous with Frequoq Wuddle of the Multeks. Unfortunately for Commander Walter Morales, he has to play chauffeur. Unfortunately for all of them, trips to Multek space rarely go smoothly.

An Original Traks/Waystation Crossover

This arc of stories first appeared in the Star Traks: The Lost Years series for Original Traks. However, since Waystation plays a substantial role and these events take place shortly after "The Perfect Getaway," I'm including them here as well.

The Old Man and the Conspiracy
Captain Alexander Rydell's past returns to haunt him as the crew of the USS Secondprize find themselves dealing with someone even more insane than they are...and no it's not Rebecca Singer. The title says "Old Man." She's not even old, much less a man. Jeeze, people, pay attention.

Is That A Fleet In Your Pocket...?
When we last left the Secondprize crew, things were looking pretty grim. Think they'll get any worse? You betcha!

Rainy Days and Mondays...
The last story left you hanging. Wanna know what happens? Read on.

Reality Breach
What do you do when the fabric of the universe itself turns against you? I don't know either. That's why I asked you. Well, somebody on the Secondprize better figure out an answer soon, or they could be in big trouble.

Early Check Out
Determined to put a stop to the Next Federation once and for all, Captain Rydell and the Secondprize crew track its leader across the quadrant. Is it time for the huge final battle? Or will less violent more annoying methods be in order?

After The Dream

WARNING: While it's not evident in the first story, this arc will be heading into darker territory than your usual Star Traks tale. That said, read on. And for those of you who also read Star Traks: The Vexed Generation, you may want to check out this CONTINUITY NOTE

Best Laid Plans
Captain Beck's plans to take Phillip Harper out for a night on Waystation don't go exactly...um...according to plan.

A Door Is Ajar
Several months ago, Captain Beck's dreams were invaded for unknown reasons, but she would not open the door giving up control of herself. The invader hasn't given up, though, and it's looking for a new door.

State of Confusion
As the Selvan's plan comes to fruition, chaos reigns aboard Waystation. And who just launched that runabout?

The Devil You Know
With one crewmember missing and another on his way to the brig, Lieutenant Commander Craig Porter struggles to figure out just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

Acts of Desperation
Bradley Dillon has made a move that has all of Waystation scrambling to stop him. Meanwhile, Commander Morales is scrambling just to figure out where the Selvan is.

A Bridge Way Too Far
It's a battle on three fronts as Captain Beck and Commander Morales try to head off the Selvan while the rest of the Waystation crew work to stop Bradley Dillon. I'm not sure which is the tougher opponent: the non-corporeal being or the multi-billionaire.

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Special thanks to Brendan Shust and David Markham-Jones for their Waystation renderings and to Matt Furukawa for creating the Banner Ads!

As for the rest of the content of the stories, it's all mine. Alan Decker Copyright 2004.

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