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There are even more stories to be found on the unbelievable exciting PAGE THREE!!!


Moonlight Sonata
Waystation's command crew is exhausted and practically falling down on the job. Is Starfleet really working them that hard? Or is there another reason for their constant sleepy state?

Prime of Your Life
After a long day of repair work around the station, Lieutenant Commander Porter decides to try to get away from it all and ends up going a lot farther than he ever planned.

Wherever You Will Go
Remember, wherever you go, there you are. And maybe someone else is there, too.

Trick or Treaty
Captain Lisa Beck and her crew were none too happy at the naming of Bradley Dillon as President of the Federation. But when Romulans show up at Waystation making peace overtures, Beck soon wonders if things may get a whole lot worse.

Collectibles - Part I
The first Multek mission sent to see what, if anything, is actually outside the Multek Enclave has disappeared, and Frequoq Wuddle needs Waystation's help to find his missing people.

Collectibles - Part II
Morales, Nelson, and Frequoq Wuddle managed to find out what happened to the missing Multeks. Now who's going to find them?

Hail To The Chief
It's Beck vs. Bradley Dillon in a battle to the finish to settle once and for all who is the ultimate authority on Waystation!

9/10ths Of The Law
Lt. Cmdr Russell's vacation is cut short as he finds himself embroiled in an unwelcome mystery. Meanwhile, Dr. Nelson receives some even more unwelcome guests.

That Certain Someone
Why is it that whenever Andorians visit the station, there's always trouble?

Free For All
To avoid spoiling anything, I will omit any words that I feel give too much away about this story. When (omit)(omit)(omit) the (omit) (omit), it's (omit) (omit) (omit) (omit) llama. Um...okay. Forget the llama part. There's no llama.

The situation is rapidly getting out of hand as the crew of Waystation prepares to make a stand. Hey! That rhymed! And my professors all said I stunk at poetry. Guess I showed them. Ha!

Collect Call
It's time to take the battle to the enemy as Captain Beck sets out on a mission to track down the Collectors.

Neighborly Advice
It's been three months since anyone has seen the Multeks. Have they taken Captain Beck's advice to heart, or is something more sinister afoot? Do the Multeks even know the meaning of the word sinister?

Words From On High
A bolt from above is heading right in Captain Beck's direction..."above" meaning Starfleet, of course. Meanwhile, a mysterious alien race has designs of their own on our fair captain.

What About Baughb?
Three years ago, the Andorian waiter, Baughb, was exiled from Waystation. Now he's returned. Will his former employer, Ih'mad, welcome him back with open arms? Or serve him as the evening special?

Just For Show - Guest Written by Anthony Butler
Lt. Cmdr. Sean Russell learned a long time ago to stay away from Klingon game shows. Now he has no choice but to go back into the belly of the targ. Otherwise, someone else may learn that the Grand Prize is an assassination.

Romulans on the Edge
Everybody sing along! Who are the Romulans in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood. In your neigh-bor-hood! Actually Wuddle doesn't want to know. He just wants them to leave.

She Blinded Me With Science
Lieutenant Commander Porter gets lucky! Wait. Before you get too excited, remember that bad luck is a kind of luck too.

Strange things are afoot on Deck 50. This is exactly the type of case that calls for the talents of Starfleet Intelligence Agents Samantha Dallas and Batyn...but this isn't their series, so we're sending in Yeoman Tina Jones instead. This should go well.

The Rules of Relativity
Sometimes the simplest of requests can lead to the biggest problems. Today's requests involve a package and a dinner. The aftermath will fill the Infirmary and send ripple effects all the way to Earth.

Dress Rehearsal
The Multek Enclave is getting close to the big day, so, in order to ensure that everything is in...um...order, they've decided to give some of the Waystation officers a little test drive.

From This Day Forward
It's the big day in the Multek Enclave. There will be a wedding, the Grand Opening, and maybe even an invasion! Err...who scheduled that last part?

Continue on to PAGE FOUR for more stories.

Special thanks to Brendan Shust and David Markham-Jones for their Waystation renderings and to Matt Furukawa for creating the Banner Ads!

As for the rest of the content of the stories, it's all mine. Alan Decker Copyright 2005.

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