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With an even higher number than Page Three, it's PAGE FOUR!!!


Lost the Way
MISSING: One rather large space station. If found, please contact Captain Lisa Beck or Lieutenant Commander Craig Porter, care of the Runabout Cumberland.

All Ahead Full
President Bradley Dillon is back, a new doctor is on the way, and an unwelcome guest from the USS Explorer is trying to become a permanent resident. These are the days when Captain Lisa Beck wishes Starfleet wasn't so picky about who she was allowed to kill.

Short End of the Stick
Part of being First Officer is dealing with the crappy jobs that the Captain doesn't want to do. So how bad does a First Contact have to be for Captain Beck to decide she'd rather deal with Starfleet paperwork and let Commander Morales handle this one?

A Dish Best Served Awkwardly
Dr. Amedon Nelson is coming back for a visit, but she has a demand that will send the command crew scrambling. Meanwhile, Bradley Dillon finds one of his lifelong dreams quickly turning into a nightmare.

Estrangers in the Night
Past decisions are coming back to haunt Captain Beck, but it's Lieutenant Commander Porter who could find himself stuck in the line of fire. Meanwhile, the president has a little job for Security Chief Russell.

The Joy of Snigglesnooshes - Guest Written by Brendan Shust!
Waystation is under quarantine. Cut off from help. And left all alone to face a horde of inexorable and insatiable foes. But they're so darn cute!

Captain Beck has pissed off the wrong superior officer, and now the whole command staff is going to pay for it. Unfortunately, none of them have any idea how high the price is going to be.

Town Hall
So just what was going on while the command crew was in lockdown in the previous story? Find out here. Is that enticing or what?

Just Undo It
With the Waystation command crew still reeling from recent events, Federation President Bradley Dillon hits them with another whopper. A V.I.P. is on the way, but it's the uninvited guest that is really going to complicate matters.

Pomp and Circumstances
It's that time again. The run is ending. The arc is coming to a head. Things are getting tense. And where the hell is Captain Beck?

And They're Off...
Federation President Bradley Dillon makes an announcement that sets off a flurry of activity across the Federation. But it's the activities happening on Waystation that might be the real problem for him.

Winging It
Since her arrival on Waystation, Dr. Diantha has done her off-standish best to avoid getting involved in the lives of the rest of the crew. But now she needs a favor, and Lieutenant Commander Russell is going to find himself involved in her life whether he likes it or not.

Waypoint Harbor - Guest Written by Brendan Shust!
An outside force with designs on the station leaves Captain Beck with little choice but to cooperate. That she can deal with. That fact that someone has designs of the fatal variety on one of her crew is a bit more of an issue.

Life of the Party
While the Federation faces the looming prospect of another four years of President Bradley Dillon, Commander Morales and Lieutenant Commander Porter are sent to a nearby colony investigate an anomaly. And as well all know, anomalies are never good.

Everything Right is Wrong Again
Where's the line between a bad day and the universe actually being out to get you?

Unwanted Overtures
At long last, graduation day has arrived. Yeoman Tina Jones is on the verge of becoming Ensign Tina Jones. And somebody's got a graduation present for her that she wants absolutely no part of. Too bad they aren't the type to take no for an answer.

Rise of the Machines - Guest Written by Anthony Butler!
It's a normal day on Waystation, when...well, is it ever a normal day on Waystation? Find out what happens when appliances stop acting polite, and start acting...abnormally. All bets are off as the inanimate objects on Waystation become suddenly...animate...in Rise of the Machines!

Fraternizing with the Enemy
A couple of visitors from the past could lead to life-changing events for Captain Beck and Lieutenant Commander Russell. Meanwhile, Colonel Lazlo tries to convince his marines to make their horizons a bit less broad.

The Rebuttal Period
Bradley Dillon had a bit of trouble with the first Presidential debate. Now it's time for the second one, more unexpected surprises are in store, and not all of them are going to be pleasant. Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Wait. Can we say that? Isn't that line copyrighted?

Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw?
Hmm...how to describe this one? There's some stuff. It happens. People react to that stuff causing more stuff to happen. Wow. It's my best promo ever!

Going My Way?
Yesterday was not Captain Beck's best day ever. The life of an innocent being was threatened, her authority over the station was challenged, and, to top it all off, her boyfriend went missing. Somebody is going to pay, and that somebody is Bradley Dillon. Or he would be if he wasn't so busy following the election results. It all comes down to this in the Waystation SERIES FINALE!

Special thanks to Brendan Shust and David Markham-Jones for their Waystation renderings and to Matt Furukawa for creating the Banner Ads!

As for the rest of the content of the stories, it's all mine. Alan Decker Copyright 2011.

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