These Are the People in the Waystation

Some of them anyway

On the Secondprize, she was a communications officer, one of the last in her field. But now she's in command of a tiny station at the edge of a hostile empire. Some would say she would have been better off on the Secondprize. Beck's not one of those people. She craves the challenge and excitement of her own command, facing the unknown and a daily basis. Boy, is she on the wrong station.

Morales was quite happy to rise unnoticed through the ranks of Starfleet. He ran the Secondprize's shuttlebay and ran it well. Command was never something he wanted. Too bad Starfleet didn't ask him his opinion before making him first officer.

Suddenly thrust from minor character status to a starring role, Porter is taking everything in stride, which for him basically means fixing what needs to be fixed, analyzing what needs to be analyzing, and firing sarcasm at anyone in the vicinity. Now all he has to do is figure out if the Multeks have a sense of humor.

Security Chief and the person most likely to ask "What the hell am I doing here?" He was used to just being a security officer on the Secondprize. He's now been put in a position of responsibility and has no idea how he'll handle it. Lucky for him, the job has been pretty slow so far. But what is he going to do when things get interesting?

Amelia Nelson was a dedicated doctor to the point of coming across snappish and downright mean to those who interrupted her work. An emergency situation forced her to join with a symbiont in order to save its life (See Star Traks 5). Now she's still snappish, but she's also combined that with the personality of a cranky 300-year-old symbiont. Needless to say, the rest of the crew tries to avoid getting injured as much as possible.

Tina left her home colony to join Starfleet hoping to see the universe and escape the dull drudgery of home. Ever accommodating, Starfleet put her on a station in the middle of nowhere and made her Waystation's liaison officer, in charge of helping docking ships with any needs they might have. She's a naturally perky person, but the monotony is getting to her real quick.

A tough as duranium marine commander with the personality of a neighborhood bully and the brains of asteroid. In his dreamworld, the peace-loving weenies of Starfleet have to answer to him. Beck doesn't share his opinion, but she's quite happy to let him express them...while she shoves him out an airlock.

A simple businessman just trying to make an honest living running Dillon's Supply Depot, the only place to shop for colonists headed out into the great unknown. There are probably other places he'd rather be, but he had a small misunderstanding with the government of Alpha Centauri regarding his used starship business. Waystation has taken him in and given him a place to live. He just wishes they'd stop comparing him to his annoying brother, Commander Travis Dillon of the Secondprize.

No one really knows where she comes from or even what species she is. She just arrived one day from the unexplored reaches of the Beta Quadrant. Leximas knows she has some purpose to serve on Waystation, but honestly she can't figure it out. For now, she will meditate and offer advice to those in need, all the while wondering why she was drawn to these weirdoes.

Crew sketches by Matt Furukawa.

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