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Image and Modeling Credits

  • Secondprize Title Artwork (Original Traks): Brennan Brazeau
  • Original Waystation Render (Waystation): David Markham-Jones
  • Renovated Waystation v1 Renders (Waystation): Brendan Chris
  • Renovated Waystation v2 Renders (Waystation): Brendan Chris
  • Banner Ads (Waystation): Matt Furukawa
  • USS Anomaly & Navigator (Boldly Gone): Brennan Brazeau
  • Explorer Title Artwork (Vexed Generation): Brennan Brazeau
  • Silverado/Haven/Roadrunner Renders (Silverado/H2H): Brendan Chris
  • Traks Files Logo (Side Traks): Matt Furukawa
  • Waystation Crew Image (Waystation): @setokaibas
  • Beautiful Jekyll Theme: Dean Attali
  • Galaxy-class model (Vexed Generation): Alexander Klemm aka Nightfever, with modifications by Brendan Chris
  • Excelsior-class model (Original Traks): Chris Kuhn, with modifications by Brendan Chris
  • Intrepid-class model (Howlers): Sarod
  • Nebula-class model (Vexed Generation): Flat Eric, with modifications by Brendan Chris

Star Trek is a Registered Trademark and all its references are property of CBS, Paramount, and Viacom Communications (or some combination thereof. It’s gotten so complicated!). Star Traks and all its spin-offs are variously the property of the appropriate writers, with Alan Decker acknowledged to be ringleader and instigator of the whole idea.

Website Theme

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