Amedon Nelson

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Amedon Nelson
Species Human (Brackto Symbiont)
Alignment Starfleet, Multeks
Born Delfor Colony
Features in TRK (2), WAY (46)
First Appearance Star Traks 5
Last Appearance From This Day Forward
Created by Alan Decker
Starfleet Career
Position Research (Symbiont Biology)
Assigned to Bracktia Prime
Till 2373
Position Chief Medical Officer
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373
Till 2379
Multek Career
Position Dronquoq
Assigned to Multek Enclave
From 2379
Position Head
Assigned to Multek Department of Xenomedicine
From 2379

Amelia Nelson was born and raised on Delfor Colony, a quiet, peaceful place far from most of the dangers of the universe. Her parents, Oswald and Harriet Nelson, were very protective of their only child and more than a bit concerned when she decided to pursue a medical career in Starfleet. At Starfleet Medical, Nelson became fascinated with the idea of joined species, and, after graduation, she started a research assignment on Bracktia Prime investigating the link between the Brackto and the Trill. Her decision to go to Brackto did not please Jack Woodall, the captain of the USS Orleans, whom she was dating at the time after spending her medical residency aboard his ship. They broke up rather bitterly.

After spending a great deal of time on Bracktia Prime, Nelson was appointed to the post of Chief Medical Officer on Waystation, an order she was none to pleased about. She was determined to remain on Bracktia Prime to study Midon, a symbiont in her care. An attack by the Hinaree terrorist group forced Nelson to implant Midon into her own body in order to protect the symbiont from the terrorists. Amelia ceased to exist, replace by Amedon. The joining altered Nelson's personality from gruff to down right crotchety. Nelson and Lt. Craig Porter were held hostage by the Hinaree, during which time the Hinaree discovered that Nelson had joined with the symbiont. Before they could kill her, Nelson and Porter were rescued by Lieutenant Commander Walter Morales, Lieutenant Sean Russell, and Yeoman Tina Jones. Russell immediately ran afoul of Nelson by trying to take her unlogi, the drug that maintained her symbiosis with Midon. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

On Waystation, Nelson settled into a routine of doing her research on Midon while handling the occasional medical situation. She went with Morales and Russell to rescue Commander Lisa Beck and Porter from the Multeks. (Field Trip [WAY]) This mission along with Russell's botching of the arrest of Qolesh, the Klingon dress thief, cemented Nelson's view that the security chief was an idiot. Nelson and Porter were stunned and thrown in the brig by Colonel Martin Lazlo during the marine takeover of Waystation. With Russell's help, they escaped and released anesthezine gas into Starfleet Square Mall, incapacitating most of the marines. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])

Shortly after Waystation was practically destroyed by a riot and Lazlo's bad shooting, Nelson returned to Delfor Colony for her parent's 40th wedding anniversary party. She had not told them about Midon and tried to hide the fact of her joining from them. After noticing her strange behavior and discovering her stock of unlogi, the Nelsons came to the conclusion that their daughter was a unwed pregnant drug addict. They confiscated the unlogi, causing Nelson to collapse at their party. Nelson was rushed to the hospital, and her parents learned the truth. They accepted better than Nelson believed they would. (Gut Feelings [WAY])

During the renovation of Waystation, Nelson shared a cargo module with Commander Beck. This living arrangement created quite a bit of tension between the two officers, especially concerning the music they listened to. Over time, and after some holodeck combat, Nelson and Beck began to bond and actually started to enjoy spending time together. Just before the completion of renovations, Beck and Nelson played the Halloween 36 Termination Station program together and tried to kill Michael Myers. (That's The Spirit, Relationship Jitters, Critical Mass [WAY]) Nelson was evacuated with most of the other Waystation crew to the USS Orleans after the Starshine Kids took over the renovated station. Here she was reunited with Jack Woodall, an experience neither of them were thrilled about. Despite the bitterness between them, Nelson immediately stepped in to help Woodall when he was injured in the battle against Waystation. (Lip Lock [WAY])

Nelson was briefly left in command of Waystation when the command crew was dealing with the D'Ceti and the Multeks. She was more than happy to give command back to Craig Porter on his return, especially since a Multek fleet was on its way to destroy the station. After this crisis, Wuddle, who was now the Multek Frequoq, visited the station and was immediately attracted to Dr. Nelson. Commander Beck had Nelson give Wuddle a tour, and the doctor found herself taken with Wuddle as well. (The Way We Were [WAY]) The two began dating whenever Wuddle visited the station. Their secret was almost revealed by AWN reporter Joan Redding, whom Nelson knocked out for intruding on her visit with Wuddle. (News At Eleven [WAY]) Nelson and Wuddle, whom she had not told about the existence of her symbiont, traveled together to a Multek resort, where Nelson learned that, as the Frequoq's consort, she had a title, the Snarkleberry. The resort owner, Tedula, had designs on being Snarkleberry and hypnotized Wuddle. Her attempt was interrupted by the arrival of a group of Multeks who felt that had not been properly paid for work they had done for her. As Wuddle and Nelson's presence was discovered, things quickly turned into a hostage situation and then a standoff during which Nelson's unlogi began to wear off. Morales rescued Nelson and Wuddle, and the couple decided to have future dates on Waystation. (The Perfect Getaway [WAY])

On a mission to investigate the disappearance of a Multek exploratory ship, Nelson, Wuddle, and Commander Morales were captured by the Collectors. The Collectors removed Midon and left the symbiont floating in a box in space, where it was found by the USS Wayward. After their rescue, Nelson was unsure that she wanted to be rejoined, and Wuddle was uncertain how to deal with the knowledge that the woman he loved was no longer the same and that part of her was an alien slug. (Collectibles - Part One, Collectibles - Part Two [WAY]) A few months later, representatives from Bracktia Prime came to Waystation with the intention of taking Midon back to its planet of origin. There, due to new Bracktian policies, the symbiont would live in a pool for the remained of its life and never be allowed to join again. Dr. Nelson, after making telepathic with Midon and learning that it wanted to rejoin with her, had Porter reimplant Midon. (9/10ths Of The Law [WAY]) Soon after this, Nelson and Wuddle rekindled their relationship. (Free For All [WAY]) Several months later, Wuddle proposed, and Nelson eagerly accepted. (Romulans On The Edge [WAY]) They were married by Captain Beck a few hours before the official ceremony opening the Multek Enclave to visitors from the rest of the galaxy. After her marriage to Wuddle, Nelson remained on Multos, where she had the official title of Dronquoq and also headed the Multeks' Department of Xenomedicine. (From This Day Forward [WAY])

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