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Anthony Butler created Star Traks: The Vexed Generation [VEX] and co-created Star Traks: Boldly Gone [BG]. He co-developed and contributed to the Star Traks: Waystation [WAY] mini-series, "Renovations," and was a contributor to the Star Traks: Rejects Table mini-series as well as "Survivor Traks." Anthony has written stories for other Star Traks series including Star Traks: The Original Series, Star Traks: Waystation, Star Traks: Banshee and Star Traks: Silverado. He prefers to think of writing as something he gets to...eventually.

Born in 1977, the year of Star Wars no less, Anthony Butler grew up in the small town of Salisbury, MD, always dreaming of the day when a network of millions of computers would allow people all over creation to access his stories and share his enjoyment of Star Trek, and his zest for making fun of it. Imagine his surprise when all of that happened in the early-to-mid nineties. At any rate, he got his degree in English in 1999 from Salisbury University, and earned his Masters in Publications Design from University of Baltimore in 2002. After a short stint returning to his hometown of Salisbury, he is back in Baltimore. Anthony can be reached at