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Species Zakdorn
Alignment United Federation of Planets, Dillon Enterprises
Features in WAY (5)
First Appearance Words From On High
Last Appearance Lockdown
Created by Alan Decker

A Zakdorn working for Bradley Dillon. While Bradley was away for a year on the USS Explorer, Auditmi was left in charge of Dillon Enterprises. Auditmi, at Bradley's urging, unsuccessfully tried to stop Admiral Leelan Fonn from taking command of Waystation. (Words From On High [WAY]) He also attempted to turn Ih'mad against his former employee, Baughb, when Baughb returned to Waystation and opened up a restaurant that competed with Ih'mad's restaurant and the Double D Diner owned by Dillon Enterprises. This too was a failure. (What About Baughb? [WAY]) Later, he tried to frame Baughb for plotting to blow up the Double D. Bradley had Auditmi removed from the station and sent him off to oversee the construction of Bradley Dillon's Casinoworld. (Estrangers In The Night, Lockdown [WAY])

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