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Species Andorian
Alignment United Federation of Planets
Features in WAY (9)
First Appearance Gridlock
Last Appearance Rise Of The Machines
Created by Alan Decker

Baughb started out as a meek waiter at the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian Restaurant on Waystation, where he was Lisa Beck's usual waiter. (Gridlock [WAY]) Around Stardate 53502, Baughb killed an Andorian assassin sent to murder Ih'mad and was exiled from the station. (A Deadly Shade Of Blue [WAY]). He returned three years later and opened McBaughb's, a restaurant serving fast food inspired by Andorian cuisine by far more palatable to non-Andorians. At first Ih'mad was against the idea, but, realizing that he had been manipulated by Mr. Auditmi, changed his mind and supported Baughb. The two men confronted Auditmi and told him that they were now allied with each other. (What About Baughb? [WAY]) With Ih'mad, he refused to support Richard Theroll's takeover of the station. (Town Hall [WAY])

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