Bradley Dillon

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Bradley Dillon
Species Human
Alignment United Federation of Planets, Dillon Enterprises
Features in TRK (5), WAY (51), VEX, SIL
First Appearance Star Traks 4
Last Appearance Please Hold For Oblivion
Created by Alan Decker


Bradley Dillon is the son of Dr. Richard Dillon and Linda Dillon and is two years younger than his brother Travis Dillon. Bradley was born in the suburbs of Baltimore where he grew up with one huge advantage over his older brother; he wasn't the subject of one of their father's psychology experiments. Despite the "no money needed" society of Earth and the Federation, Bradley became consumed with the idea of business and making a profit. Rather than cheat his customers, as a Ferengi would, Bradley preferred to gain a reputation as a good businessman. He left Earth to attend college on Alpha Centauri mainly because his mother, realizing that Travis was a complete loss, had latched onto Bradley a little too tightly for his tastes.


After graduation, Bradley set up a used spaceship dealership and did moderately well for himself. About this time, he gave some money and a used ship to his old high school friend Lucas Mauser so that Mauser could start up a mining operation. Bradley did this strictly out of friendship and honestly never expected to see a dime of the money back. This sort of generosity set him apart from the Ferengi businessmen, or vultures as Bradley preferred to call them, that he was inevitably compared to. Of course, Bradley had a few skills of his own, such as pickpocketing and lockpicking, that would have raised a few eyebrows if they became widely known. A misunderstanding concerning a vehicle he sold a Tellarite forced him to leave Alpha Centauri.

Early Life on Waystation

Having heard about the opportunities awaiting in the Beta Quadrant, Bradley headed to the newly-established Waystation to set up Dillon's Supply Depot, the one place for colonists to get anything they could possibly need before heading out into unexplored terrain. Bradley managed to get his shop in Waystation's Starfleet Square Mall rent free after his ship, the Atalanta, was commandeered and destroyed after Craig Porter rammed it into a Romulan Warbird. (Star Traks 5 [TRK]) Bradley struck up an odd friendship with Leximas, the alien guru on board the station. While she was less than pleased by his attempt to cash in on her popularity by selling dolls of her, she was enough intrigued by him to agree to spend three days in his holodeck Titanic simulation. (This Is Only A Test, That Sinking Feeling [WAY]) The holodeck program turned deadly when Karyna arrived with vendetta against Leximas and sent the guru and Bradley back to the real Titanic to die. Bradley and Leximas managed to dodge the Grecin assassin Karyna put on the ship, and Bradley got Leximas into one of the lifeboats while he stayed behind to make sure the Grecin could not get to her. Leximas rescued Bradley just before the ship went down, taking the Grecin with it, and the two were returned to the 24th century by Q, who had come to rein in Karyna. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])


The riots that consumed Waystation and prompted the renovation almost destroyed Dillon's Supply Depot. A later brawl involving two suspected shoplifters who had taken refuge in the Waystation Village cargo module where Bradley had set up temporary shop almost finished the job. While sulking over this latest setback to his financial dreams, Bradley was visited by Lucas Mauser's lawyer who informed him that Mauser, who had kept Bradley as a silent partner for years and years, had sold his mining company and Bradley's share of the sale price was over 130 billion credits. Bradley now ranked among the richest men in the galaxy, a fact Daimon Gribnob of the Ferengi immediately tried to cash in on. Bradley foiled his plans and tricked Gribnob into selling him exclusive trading rights in the sector for a measly 134 credits. Bradley's new-found wealth allowed him to establish Dillon Enterprises and start construction on the Starfleet Suites Hotel, a luxury hotel to be located above Starfleet Square Mall. (Dividends [WAY])

Over the first couple of months, Bradley had trouble adjusting to being rich. At times, he would be very generous, as when he lent Commander Lisa Beck ski equipment and provided her with lessons in preparation for her vacation to the ski resorts of Sargonis. (You May Meet A Stranger [WAY]) Then he would turn around and capriciously sure Starfleet knowing that he wouldn't see a dime. It was just entertaining. His lawsuit, filed after his contractors walked off the job in support of the Zenedron Construction Group employees who were on strike, was basically thrown out by the Judge Advocate General, but then Bradley used his wealth to bribe all of the construction workers into coming back to work. He simply enjoyed having the power to change people's behavior with money. (While You Were Out [WAY]) He used that power again when a potential investor in the hotel, Jaraan, visited the station. Bradley bribed Sean Russell into staying away from her and spent several credits to make sure her date with Craig Porter, whom she had expressed an interest in, went perfectly. In the end, Jaraan decided to invest in the hotel. (Relationship Jitters [WAY])

Bradley's upswing almost came to an abrupt end when he was taken hostage, along with Lisa Beck, Tina Jones, and three Federation big-wigs, by the Starshine Kids. In an attempt to save his own neck, he volunteered Jones to experience the Starshine Kids' brainwashing orb. Walter Morales and Martin Lazlo rescued the hostages, but Bradley learned that Leximas had been killed in an explosion on board Waystation Village just after he was taken hostage. The event completely knocked the wind out of his sails. He'd lost his one real friend on the station. (Lip Lock [WAY])


As the renovated station reopened, Bradley threw his efforts into his businesses. The Federation Science Council held their annual conference at the Starfleet Suites Hotel about a year later, giving him a lot of publicity for the hotel. Bradley had an additional interest in the event. He had invited Dr. Derrick Azar to bring his time pod, which Bradley hoped to use to rescue Leximas before her physical form was killed. The time pod was destroyed before he could do this. (The Way We Were [WAY]) Refocusing on his business ventures, Bradley soon found himself dealing with other problems. His hotel's restaurant, Dillon's, had a bit of a cook problem. At first, he'd hired Densin Gremlak, a Cardassian who had formerly been one of Bradley's lawyers in the suit against Starfleet, but an accident staged by Ih'mad of the station's Andorian restaurant took Gremlak out of the picture. Next, Bradley brought in Janice Browning, who had resigned from the USS Explorer, to run the restaurant. She managed to hold her own with the Andorians, but left to rescue her former fiancee' from the Klingons. (The Sacrifice of Bagels [VEX])

Bradley faced a challenge from John Simms, Jr. when Simms purchased the OmegaMart chain, swooping in before Bradley could complete the deal, in order to take on the Dillon's Supply Depot chain and Dillon Enterprises overall. (Best Laid Plans [WAY]) Simms intended to build a new docking arm on Waystation with accommodations and shops, including an OmegaMart, for the use of Simms Ships' passengers. Bradley could not let this stand, so he approaches Captain Beck to have the project stopped. Beck was under the control of the Selvan at the time and not interested in Bradley's situation. Bradley took a different approach, purchasing the naming rights to the station. He was stopped by a telethon hosted by Yeoman Jones, but it was all a financial trap for Simms, who, rather than allowing Bradley to have his name on Waystation, drained his own fortune to add to the funds raised to counter the offer. (A Door Is Ajar, State Of Confusion, The Devil You Know, Acts Of Desperation, A Bridge Way Too Far [WAY])

After the illicit casino and entertainment complex was discovered on Deck 97, Bradley took it over and turned it into a far more classy casino and entertainment complex with 100% fewer hypnotized Starfleet Officer working at it. (Moonlight Sonata [WAY])

The Dillon Presidency

In exchange for using his own credits to buy back Earth from the Ferengi, Bradley was made President of the United Federation of Planets on Stardate 54865. (This Item Earth [VEX]) Almost immediately after Bradley's inauguration, Romulan Foreign Minister Tarmak attempted to trick him into signing a treaty that would hand Earth over to the Romulan Empire. Bradley used the occasion of his first Federation-wide speech to expose the deceit. (Trick Or Treaty [WAY]) He soon had a run-in with Captain Beck over who was the true authority on Waystation. When he tried to butt into station affairs, Beck left him in charge of the station. Overwhelmed by the minutia Beck dealt with on a daily basis, Bradley went to find the captain, apologized, and left station business in her hands. (Hail To The Chief [WAY])

Bradley soon had bigger problems as he narrowly avoided several assassination attempts. Despite the Waystation's crews' offer of assistance, Bradley insisted that the Special Secret Section would handle the situation. (That Certain Someone [WAY]) The first real crisis of Bradley's administration materialized closer to home than he would have liked when the Collectors invaded the Multek Enclave. He was not ready to involve the Federation in someone else's war, but Captain Beck reminded him of the Federation's principles. While he was not pleased to be putting lives at risk, Bradley told Beck to do what she had to do to stop the Collectors while he contacted Starfleet for reinforcements. (Free For All [WAY]) Bradley was even less pleased when Beck returned to Waystation, having lured the Collectors into pursuing her there. Bradley evacuated with the other civilians only after making his displeasure known to Waystation's captain. (Disintegration [WAY]) After his return to Waystation, Bradley gave Beck the advice she needed to track down and deal with the Collectors. Once that crisis was over, Bradley visited Beck while she was staying in their captured Vault-Ship over Multos after Beck spoke to the Multeks' Council of Elder Wizards and convinced them to open diplomatic ties with the Federation. During that visit, Bradley thanked Beck for making him realize that in order to get what he wanted, he needed to take action. (Collect Call [WAY]) Soon after this, Bradley left on the USS Explorer on a mission to find the Bast.

Bradley's purpose in locating the Bast was to obtain the technology necessary to create a time travel device, which he used to transport himself to Baltimore, Maryland in the early 21st Century, where his research had determine that Leximas was residing. Several Explorer officers, including Captain Andrew Baxter, were accidentally sent back in time as well. Bradley later learned that the entire trip had been engineered by the Directors as a part of their continuing battle against the Critics. Once this was complete, Bradley and the Explorer crewmembers returned to the 24th Century. Bradley's time traveling had, however, drawn the attention of several members of the Federation Council, who believed that Bradley had acted for personal gain. Shortly after Bradley's arrival back on Waystation, a committee of Council members arrived to interrogate him about his actions. Bradley had the entire inquest broadcast across the Federation in order to prove to its citizens that he had acted properly. The revelation that The Directors had guided his actions absolved Bradley of any guilt in the eyes of the public and the Council, but an untimely intrusion by Counselor Kelly Peterman, who was convinced that Bradley had done everything out of love for Leximas, almost ruined things for the President. Peterman was removed from the inquest chamber before any real damage was done, and Bradley retained his office. (Station Keeping [VEX], All Ahead Full [WAY])

Several months later, Bradley announced his plans to seek re-election (or election actually, since he wasn't really elected the first time). Soon after this, he and Captain Beck were caught in an explosion in Starfleet Square Mall. Neither of them turned out to be the target of the blast, which was really Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear Shop. Once it was learned that the culprit was Tiffany Beecher, a young girl who didn't want anyone else to buy the same dress as her, Bradley had his Special Secret Section take her into custody. (And They're Off [WAY]) After the Special Secret Section thoroughly terrorized Tiffany and her family for several weeks, Tiffany was released. (Winging It [WAY])

With no decent candidates running against him, Bradley appeared to be waltzing toward election to a second term. After Bradley declared that he would join the Federation party, though, Fleet Admiral Nosira Ra'al teamed up with the Republicrat party to find a suitable rival. They settled on Admiral Kathryn Janeway. (Life Of The Party [WAY]) Bradley challenged Janeway to a series of debates. On his way to the first debate, though, he learned that Tina Jones had vanished. He immediately returned to the station to assist in the search and was soon taken captive by the culprit, a tiny Mathastelbroan that had fallen for Jones during a visit to the station a year earlier. He had remained behind when the rest of his people left, hiding in the lower parts of the station and sending Jones presents while building a robot body that would allow him to be her size. Bradley battled the robot and won, rescuing Jones; however, he missed the debate, doing considerable damage to his campaign. (Unwanted Overtures [WAY]) Soon after this, the station was attacked by a nanite species, which Bradley exterminated. In taking action to deal with the threat, Bradley did a little bit to restore his battered standing in the polls. (Rise Of The Machines [WAY])

Before the second debate with Janeway, Bradley befriended and then secretly copied the databanks of Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram. He used the information from Voyager's journey home to destroy Janeway in the second debate, a situation that was made worse when Janeway had a near meltdown during her closing statement. Unfortunately, Dr. Fouklok, the Dillon Enterprises scientist working on the project for Bradley, copied too much of the EMH's program, and the copy began to develop sentience. Bradley ordered the copy deleted. (The Rebuttal Period [WAY]). Unwilling to do that, Dr. Fouklok made contact with Tina Jones and showed her the hologram, which he had named Doc. Jones informed Captain Beck, whose boyfriend, Starfleet Intelligence Agent Banyon Kovacs, volunteered to help retrieve the hologram. He was captured in the attempt, and, on Election Day, Beck, Porter, and Jones entered a secret Dillon Enterprises Research & Development facility on Deck 97 of Waystation to rescue him and Doc. There they ended up trapped and battling the Special Secret Section. Bradley intervened and put a stop to the fighting. Not willing to take action against Jones, Bradley was forced to accept Beck's terms. He would allow Beck to deal with Doc, stay out of Waystation's command systems, register his R&D facility with Ops, and stop acting like the people of the Federation were his playthings. Ensign Jones added one more devastating condition: Bradley could no longer speak to her. Bradley went on to win the election, but it was a hollow victory due to the loss of his relationship with Jones. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw?, Going My Way? [WAY])

Later Life

During the Forever incident, Bradley, who still maintained his offices at Waystation, lent Trinian a spaceship in exchange for her agreeing to be a bartender at his new casinoworld for 5 years. She never returned the ship or returned period. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

After Life

In the 26th Century, Dillon Enterprises grew into the Dillon Consortium. The Consortium attacked the Green Borg with a virus generated from a cube from before the Great Factioning that had been abandoned over a planet in Red Borg space that left their drones involuntarily giving sales pitches for Consortium products. The Manager was forced to close the Collective of Bargains and commed Starfleet requesting Reginald Bain's help. The virus was able to infect the USS Anomaly as well, generating holograms of Bradley Dillon all over the ship spouting ads. The crew of the Anomaly was able to find the source of the virus and destroy it. (Hard Sell [BG])

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