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Brendan Chris is an avid Star Traks fan and is the author of Star Traks: Silverado and Star Traks: Crash Course. Brendan has also guest written stories for Star Traks: Waystation, Star Traks: The Vexed Generation and Star Traks: Banshee. (The Banshee story was written over a year ago and still hasn't been posted!)

Early Life

Brendan was grew up near the rural town of Shoal Lake, Manitoba. His youth was spent largely on the family farm, helping out his parents. He also attended school in town, worked at the local Shell station and played in the school jazz and concert bands. He was also an enthusiastic member of the local Air Cadet squadron.

The First Move

After finishing high school, Brendan moved to the city of Brandon, where he successfully pursued a diploma in Computer Systems Technology. He also worked his ass off as a delivery driver/cook for Domino's Pizza. Luckily, he had the sweetest delivery vehicle in town...


The Second Move

After finishing college, Brendan moved to Toronto where he worked for an evil company as a corporate trainer. Running a 6-8 week training course for new employees, Brendan survived for nearly 5 years before deciding he'd rather go to Afghanistan and get shot that to continue working for his employer.

The Third Move/Currently

A student at the Royal Military College of Canada, Brendan is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, being stepped on by fourth years, dreading his upcoming summer training and wondering just what the hell he's gotten himself into...