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Christopher Rico Stafford

As Captain of the USS Silverado, circa 2380

Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Born North America, Earth, 2349
Features in SIL
First Appearance Old Ships, New Beginnings (SIL)
Last Appearance TGIF (SIL)
Created by Brendan Chris
Voiced by Brendan Chris
Position First Officer
Assigned to USS Exeter
From Unknown
Till 2379
Position Captain
Assigned to USS Silverado
From 2379
Till Unknown


Stafford grew up on the outskirts of a small city on the North American continent of Earth.

Starfleet Academy

While at the Academy, Stafford lived by the 'Grey-man Philosophy'. Basically, if you don't stand out, nobody will bother you. While he was successful in not standing out, he wasn't necessary successful at staying out of trouble. At least one incident occurred between Stafford and a fellow member of his squad, a cadet named Kural.

Early Starfleet Career

Stafford served on several starships and rose steadily through the ranks. Prior to being assigned to the USS Silverado he was first officer on board the USS Exeter. On board the Exeter he was romantically entagled with Commander Smith, who was so displeased at him leaving that she kicked him out of her quarters with nothing but his commbadge ("Old Ships, New Beginnings" [SIL])

He was considered by most of his superiors to be 'competent, but eccentric'. Of course, we all know what happens to officers like that...

USS Silverado

Stafford was initially thrilled with his promotion to Captain, which had come sooner than he was expecting. However, after learning that his ship was a piece of junk, he quickly became discouraged with the whole idea of command. Downright pissed, actually. It took several months for him to start truly enjoying his command.

Taking command as the ship was under going a refit in Earth orbit, a computer glitch sent Stafford and the Silverado back in time to the 21st century, where he led an away team to the city of Toronto in Canada to determine how far back they had travelled. Finding the date on a restaurant specials board Stafford managed to get Silverado back to the correct time, where she continued her refit. "Old Ships, New Beginnings" [SIL]) The refit was delayed once again, this time due to pranks carried out by Foreman Garroth Lynch and the construction team working on the Silverado. Stafford, aided by first officer Matthew Noonan led the crew in taking revenge, starting a prank war between the two sides. Stafford tricked Lynch into admitting the pranks before Admiral Grant, landing the Foreman in trouble "Let the Games Begin!" [SIL]).

Stafford's first command, the USS Silverado, as it progresses from junkyard reject to as good as new

Silverado launched soon after, and on it's shakedown cruise made it's first contact with the Matrians when one of their dream devices trapped the crew in a dream world dominated by Queen Wowryk, the maniacal alter ego of the ship's doctor Noel Wowryk. After being saved by the unaffected Noonan and science officer Jane 5-B, Stafford led the men of the crew against Wowryk and her Sisters of the Realm, following the discovery that you would wake up in reality after being killed in the dream world "Ship of Dreams? (Part I)", "Ship of Dreams? (Part II)" [SIL]).

After saving the USS Stallion from the Rigel IV Salvage Depot on Silverado's first official mission "Welcome to Hickville" [SIL]) and a brief holiday to revisit Toronto "Last-Minute Packing" [SIL]) Stafford was overjoyed when he was informed that Silverado was to be sent into unexplored space, save a final pit stop at Waystation. Stafford immediately fell head over heels for the station commander Lisa Beck, but didn't have the time to pursue her after a Klingon terrorist called K'Eleese bombed Waystation and stole a dangerous piece of Dillon Enterprises technology. Stafford and Silverado pursued K'Eleese, where Stafford was knocked out in the ensuing firefight. K'Eleese was eventually captured by Beck and the stolen technology destroyed ("Pit Stops, Pitfalls and Piracy" [SIL]).

Stafford came into contact with the Matrians once again after the Silverado was disabled by a catastrophic plumbing failure. Stafford was initially trapped in the crew lounge following the inaugarul Cartoon Night, but eventually made his way to the bridge just in time to see off a Matrian Scout ship that attempted to board the Silverado ("Contents Under Pressure" [SIL]). Disabled, Silverado comes under attack from two more Scout ships. Despite succesfully fighting them off the crew once again comes under the influence of a dream device, altering everyone's character. Stafford ends up in bed with Dr. Wowryk, but Lt. Fifebee manages to shut down the device before any permanent damage is done ("Fragmentation" [SIL]). Dead in space until spare parts are delivered, Stafford's sanity came close to evaporating when he had to deal with the customer services of Galactic Express. After facing inscrutable Vulcan logic, Ferengi greed and good old call center apathy, Stafford finally managed to arrange for the parts to be shipped ("Are We Having Fun Yet?" [SIL]). After Simon Jeffery spikes Dr. Wowryk's drinks at a morale boosting party Stafford is forced to sentence his best friend and chief engineer to 30 days solitary confinement, despite Jeffery copying the initial idea from Stafford. In the wake of Jeffery's confinement Stafford has to deal with a disgruntled crew and a new enemy: Lydia Thompson, from HR. Thompson delivers Stafford with an ultimatum: He can either start shaping things up aboard ship , or he can risk having Silverado become another USS Secondprize or another USS Explorer. Stafford, of course, tells her to go to hell. In revenge for slipping her an alcoholic drink Dr. Wowryk also injects Stafford with something that causes him to grow breasts ("Aftertaste" [SIL]).

With the ship repaired Stafford is able to make his first first-contact, with a race of beautiful, friendly and, the Senousians. Their leader, Prefect Telfidi seduces and drugs Stafford, where he wakes up to find himself in an internment camp and with the Senousians in control of the Silverado. Jall and Jeffery are able to retake the ship, and Stafford, learning that the Senousians are repeatedly victims of Matrian attacks, promises to help them should they call for aid "Close Encounters of the Disturbingly Sexy Kind" [SIL]). After leading the crew in training exercises ("Red vs. Blue" [SIL]) and being trapped in a time "reset" device ("You Can Say That Again!" [SIL]) Stafford receives a distress call from the Senousians: the Matrians are attacking them.

The Silverado rushes to the Senousians help and battle a Matrian fleet, only for Commander Jeffery to be taken hostage. Stafford decides to infiltrate the Matrian Dreamworld with help from Dr. Wowryk and a new addition, the now fully sentient USS Silverado computer, or Sylvia, which has taken on the personality of his mother. While Commander Noonan finds Jeffery's body on Matria Prime, Stafford and Wowryk confronted Mistress Laurette, the leader of the Matrians. Despite succeeding in rescueing Jeffery, a rushed escape from the collapsing Dreamworld resulted in the crew's bodies and minds being switched, with Stafford stuck in the body of Simon Jeffery ("Catfight (Part I)", "Catfight (Part II)" [SIL])

After the Matrian incident, when his crew found themselves trapped in the wrong bodies, Stafford was relieved to find that his ship was being given assignments more in line with what might be expected from a Starfleet vessel.

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