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Species Keetooan
Alignment Starfleet
Features in WAY (17)
First Appearance All Ahead Full
Last Appearance Going My Way?
Created by Alan Decker
Starfleet Career
Position Chief Medical Officer
Assigned to Waystation
Till 2380

Keetooan doctor who joined the crew of Waystation after the departure of Dr. Amedon Nelson. Diantha is an avian, which made her adjustment to life on Waystation difficult, particularly since Starfleet Personnel had not bothered to inform the Waystation crew of Diantha's nature or her requirements. Lieutenant Commander Sean Russell bore the brunt of Diantha displeasure after her arrival, but soon Captain Lisa Beck was able to smooth things over. Diantha's quarters were reconfigured to meet her needs, and she was given permission to fly in Starfleet Square Mall. (All Ahead Full [WAY])

Diantha was not in Ops for the lockdown drill and, therefore, was in the Infirmary during the civilian takeover. She was able to remain in the infirmary rather than being confined to quarters, since she claimed she did not care who was in charge of the station. She helped hide Colonel Martin Lazlo from the civilian militia and participated in Lieutenant Mike Waits' effort to retake the station only to find that Captain Beck had already retaken it. (Town Hall [WAY])

Before joining Starfleet, Diantha may have married Owylin and laid a hatchling, but it was with the understanding that she would not be sticking around or raising the child. After Owylin showed up on Waystation insisting that Diantha needed to play a role in their child's life, Diantha convinced the author to dump the idea and skip ahead to another plot that didn't involve her. Other ideas that the author had to develop her character were also rejected by Diantha, who was quite happy to remain a secondary character for the remainder of the series. (Winging It [WAY])

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