Emily Sullivan

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Emily Sullivan
Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Features in TRK (34), VEX, SIL
First Appearance Star Traks 1
Last Appearance The Star Traks Reunion Special
Created by Alan Decker
Position Helm
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2370
Till 2377
Successor Andrea Carr
Position First Officer
Assigned to USS Orleans
From 2377
Till 2379
Predecessor Adrian Taber
Position Captain
Assigned to USS Orleans
From 2379
Till Unknown
Predecessor Jack Woodall
Position Captain
Assigned to USS Inevitable
From Unknown
Till Unknown

On the USS Secondprize

Emily Sullivan was posted as helm officer of the USS Secondprize straight out of Starfleet Academy. She had to adjust to the fact that the ship had a helm console instead of a conn console like most ships, but the real lack of anything exciting happening to the ship during their first two years out of spacedock gave her plenty of time to practice. During this period, she became friends with Monica Vaughn, the Secondprize's transporter chief. Vaughn thought that Ensign Sullivan was a bit too innocent and needed someone older to show her the galaxy. While she didn't start chasing every man on the ship like Vaughn did, Sullivan couldn't help feeling boredom pressing in on her. She didn't leave the ship for several months after her posting. Finally, Commander Dillon selected her to go on an away mission to Neilson IV. Upon hearing her name, the TV-obsessed Neilsonians assumed that Sullivan was related to Ed Sullivan and insisted that she put on a show. She managed to help the away team to come up with some quick acts which saved their lives. (And Now Right Here On Our Show [TRK]) Sullivan also attempted to learn from Commander Travis Dillon which Secondprize crewmember he was thinking of asking out. She ended up trapped listening to his life story, a fate she was saved from only because Dillon had to go to the bridge. (Reason to Panic [TRK])

On the mission to Ugilious, Sullivan accompanied the away team and was captured by the Joegonots. She and Lt. Patricia Hawkins managed to rescue themselves from the Joegonot prison cell, but waited for Captain Alexander Rydell and Dillon to come for them just so they could feel heroic. (Star Traks 1 [TRK]) During the Secondprize's layover on Kilma Omega IV, Sullivan asked to accompany Commander Scott Baird on his bicycle trip into the planet's countryside. He agreed, and, after they escaped a couple of threatening thieves, they began a romance. (Belch-O-Rama [TRK]) The romance almost suffered a fatal catastrophe when Sullivan, Dillon, and Jaroch were bumped 20 billion years forward into the next universe, a universe exactly like ours but where the genders were swapped. Sullivan figured out a way to get back to their own time, an act that earned her a promotion to lieutenant. (Star Traks 2 [TRK])

After Baird got amnesia in an accident on the ship, Sullivan decided to try to reprogram his personality to make him more considerate and get rid of his constant use of profanity. Since her San Francisco apartment didn't have enough room for her, Baird, Lisa Beck and Claire Webber, the group went to Beck's North Carolina beach house to try the experiment. When Baird regained his memory and realized what was happening, he escaped and pulled a vicious revenge prank on the trio. The whole mess came to a head in a huge fight between Sullivan and Baird in Rydell's ready room. The pair reconciled, but the ready room was almost destroyed. (Star Traks 3 [TRK]) Baird's refusal to try activities Sullivan enjoyed, such as country music, led to another fight between the couple. About the same time, Myna, masquerading as Ambassador Fuil Baradda, came on board the ship and was immediately attracted to Sullivan. He sent Baird off the ship and proceeded to woo Sullivan. He eventually tried to kill her when he thought she had discovered his true identity. Hawkins and Dillon stopped him in time, and Sullivan was able to club Myna into unconscious. After all this, the relationship between Baird and Sullivan was officially over, though. (Star Traks 4 [TRK])

While Rydell and Dillon went to the surface of 20th Century Earth to protect the 20th century Alex Rydell, Sullivan was left in command of the Secondprize. She was forced to fight the stolen USS Defiant, all the while listening to verbal jabs from Scott Baird. Once the Defiant had been disabled thanks to Jaroch's arrival in a runabout, Sullivan confronted Baird in Rydell's ready room. The argument ended in sex and a wedding. (Star Traks 6 [TRK])

Sullivan was soon promoted to lieutenant commander, which put a strain on her friendship with Monica Vaughn, who had watched her friend pass her in rank. Sullivan helped Vaughn save the ship after it was accidentally disassembled by an out-of-control experimental device. Vaughn received a promotion after the incident, which went a long way to smooth things over between them. (Tricks Of The Trade [TRK]) Sullivan also insisted that the Secondprize remain at Golhunda Three to investigate the disappearance of her husband, Scott Baird. (Show Me The Way To Go Home [TRK]) She later accompanied Baird to his interview for the position of Supervising Refit and Repair Officer at the Deneria Dry Dock. The trip was interrupted by a slight detour into an unexpected hole in space. (Now You See It [TRK]).

Post-Secondprize Career

Soon after Rydell's retirement, Sullivan was offered the post of First Officer of the USS Orleans, by Captain Jack Woodall, who she had made an impression on during his time in temporary command of the Secondprize (even if he did spend that time unknowingly commanding a holodeck simulation of the Secondprize). Sullivan was hesitant at first, but accepted the position. (The Replacement Captains, Aftermath [TRK]) As Sullivan moved to the Orleans, Baird was offered the job at Deneria. He established quarters for the couple there, while his wife was away on assignment. Several months after Sullvian joined the Orleans, Woodall decided to retire. After a competition against Nell Vansen, Sullivan was selected to become the captain of the Orleans. (Battle Of Orleans [VEX]) On Stardate 56603, she was back at Deneria with her husband while the Orleans was repaired and refitted following an extended mission. (Service With A Smile [SIL]) After commanding the Orleans for several years, Sullivan was given the Shogun-class USS Inevitable.

By the time of the Forever incident, Sullivan and Baird had adopted dog, Compromise. Sullivan had wanted kids; Baird didn't, so they compromised with Compromise. Admiral Beck would not allow Baird to tell Sullivan that he had to go back to Forever, so she was unaware of the situation until Trinian arrived and filled her in. Sullivan and Trinian took the Inevitable to Forever and arrived in time to prevent the Secondprize from being destroyed by the Mitgogae. The ensuing firefight resulted in all three ships being disabled, so Sullivan and Trinian took a raceabout to get Beck and Andrea Carr off of the Secondprize. Then, all four of them boarded the Mitgogae to stop Morticent and rescue Craig Porter. After the Forever incident, Sullivan learned that Baird had purchased a house for them in the mountains of Altair Four. Sullivan loved the idea. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK]) By the time of the Secondprize reunion, she and Baird were expecting their first child. (The Star Traks Reunion Special [TRK])

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