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Star Traks: Hey, Hey Happy Day (aka Star Traks: The Video Game) is a video game (big surprise there) created by Alan Decker in the Spring of 2000 using the Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine (OHRRPGCE), which is freely available on the Hamster Republic website.


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Plot Summary

The USS Secondprize is en route to Waystation when a man in a purple Starfleet-style uniform invades the bridge. Most of the bridge crew flees and the Security officers are all away at a conference, so Captain Alexander Rydell has to fight him off. With that threat dispatched, Rydell decides to investigate the situation, traveling through various Secondprize locations and encountering members of his crew as he tries to determine what is going on.

Game Play

The game is very basic with only the arrow keys and enter button being used. Most of the consoles are usable, and many of the characters say more than one thing when you interact with them.

In the final hallway, if you walk out through the middle of the left wall, you will find a secret area.

Calling it a game is a bit of an overstatement. It's more of an interactive mini-story where the dialogue and gags are far more important than any kind of challenge.


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