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Species Andorian
Alignment United Federation of Planets
Features in WAY (13)
First Appearance Gridlock
Last Appearance Unwanted Overtures
Created by Alan Decker

Owner of the Ic'hasssssst V'kelsnet Andorian Restaurant on Waystation. He always made sure that Lisa Beck had a table, even if he had to throw out other customers to do it. When the riot on Waystation broke out, he and Baughb accompanied Beck to the Andorian freighter that had crashed into the station in hopes of saving his shipment of fresh spleen pie. (Gridlock [WAY]) Ih'mad was the target of an Andorian assassin hired by other restaurant owners jealous of his success. Baughb killed the assassin before he could attack Ih'mad, but Baughb was banished from Federation space for a year to pay for his crime...not that the Andorians saw it as a crime. (A Deadly Shade Of Blue [WAY]) Ih'mad and his staff remained on Waystation with several other shopkeepers to defend Starfleet Square Mall from the Collectors. (Disintegration [WAY]) When Baughb returned to Waystation, Ih'mad assumed that Baughb would come back to work for him. Instead, Baughb planned to open his own restaurant, McBaughb's. Mr. Auditmi manipulated Ih'mad into trying to destroy the restaurant before it opened. He faced Baughb, and the two men came to an understanding. They went and confronted Auditmi, telling him that they were now allied against Dillon Enterprises, (What About Baughb? [WAY])

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