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Species Yynsian
Alignment Starfleet
Born Yyns
Features in TRK (42), REJ (1), WAY (1), BG (2)
First Appearance Star Traks 1
Last Appearance Aren't You Dead?
Created by Alan Decker
Position Science Officer
Assigned to USS Forrester
Till 2370
Position Science Officer
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2370
Till 2377
Position Captain
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2377
Till Unknown
Predecessor Alexander Rydell
Position Admiral
Assigned to Starfleet Sciences Division

Childhood and Education

Jaroch was born on Yyns in a small mountain town. His parents, Tal and P'Ru, and his sister, P'Tal, all pursued careers in Yyns' spiritual sector, but Jaroch was more interested in the law. Like all Yynsians, Jaroch shared his life force with the personalities of several past lives; however, one of Jaroch's lives, an ancient warrior-prince named J'Ter, presented special problems. In times of stress or pain in Jaroch's life, J'Ter had a tendency to pop out and create vast amounts of carnage. This happened at Jaroch's graduation from law school on Yyns, resulting in the maiming of a good portion of the professorial faculty and the salutatorian and the revocation of Jaroch's degree. He wasn't all that upset, since his interest had been turning toward the sciences anyway. He applied to and was accepted at the prestigious Vulcan Science Academy. He was one of the few Yynsians ever to attend this institution. But once again, J'Ter put in an appearance at his graduation.

Starfleet Career

With his chances of a research position severely damaged by the graduation snafu, Jaroch enrolled at Starfleet Academy and sped through the curriculum in two years. His ability in scientific fields earned him several quick promotions and a posting on an exploratory vessel, the USS Forrester, but an ill-timed appearance by J'Ter almost ended his Starfleet career.

With most sane captains refusing to have Jaroch put on their ship, Jaroch was transferred to the USS Secondprize in time for its launch. Early on in the ship's mission, Jaroch learned he had a secret admirer on board. This admirer turned out to be the ship's computer itself, which created a holographic female form for itself and attempted to seduce Jaroch. J'Ter emerged and rather violently rebuffed the computer's advances. (Secret Admirer [TRK]) J'Ter almost got a Secondprize away team killed when he emerged at an official dinner on Ugilious and killed the Grand Leech's future son-in-law. The Joegonots decided that Jaroch's science ability would be helpful in building their Transference Ray, so they sent him to help the brainwashed Dr. Robert Tulson. Jaroch sabotaged the device, knocked out Tulson, and, as J'Ter, escaped from the lab and rampaged through the Grand Leech's castle. (Star Traks 1 [TRK])

During the Secondprize's stopover on Kilma Omega IV, Jaroch was left alone on board the ship while the crew went on leave. The ship's computer used the opportunity to try and kill Jaroch for refusing her advances. Actually, it was all a ruse to get him into a holodeck where she trapped him until he broke down and agreed to sleep with her, which he did. (Belch-O-Rama [TRK]) Jaroch was one of three Secondprize officers sent 20 billion years into the future by Dr. Derrick Azar's time tube. He also at this time first really came to respect Lt. Patricia Hawkins when she found the kidnapped Captain Alexander Rydell without his help. (Star Traks 2 [TRK]) Jaroch offered his legal services to Rydell when Rydell was under investigation for his actions on Ugilious. Jaroch managed to win the case without J'Ter harming anyone. (Star Traks 3 [TRK])

When the Doorprize crashed on Mandicor, Jaroch discovered that he had gained the ability to summon his past lives at will. This proved useful when the Secondprize officers needed costumes to masquerade as superheroes. Jaroch became Telsa Tecpa J'Mer, the great Yynsian tailor, and made outfits for everyone. He gradually lost control of his lives as they away team spent more and more time on Mandicor. J'Mer popped out again when Jaroch was facing the warlord Logash. It was one of the few times J'Ter would have been welcome. (Star Traks 4 [TRK]) Jaroch was one of the officers captured by the Multeks in the Secondprize's first encounter with that species. Jaroch found a way to escape the Multek brig and escape to the Secondprize. After the Secondprize returned to Starbase 219, he was sent along with Hawkins and Commander Travis Dillon to evaluate the Starfleet Memorial Gardens. He was almost killed by a fifty-foot tall clone of James T. Kirk who had mistaken Jaroch for a woman. If that wasn't bad enough, he was thoroughly sickened when he learned that Dillon and Hawkins were now romantically involved. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

Over the next year, Jaroch found his feelings for Hawkins and his hatred of Dillon growing exponentially. Working with Hawkins, he saved the ship from a giant clown and rescued Rydell and Andrea Carr from Michael Rennicks. (Fear Has A Red Nose, Hostage Crisis [TRK]) He also entered a circus full of Borg clowns in order to save Hawkins from the Guulamia security entity. (Fear Has A Red Nose [TRK]) Through it all, Hawkins had no idea how he truly felt about her and actually got angry at him on several occasions when he openly disparaged Dillon. (Cruising For Trouble, Alone On Christmas [TRK]) Finally, the war of emotions going on inside Jaroch got to be too much for his past lives. The began openly arguing about what Jaroch should do, a state of affairs that led him to seek help from Counselor Claire Webber. She managed to silence the voices temporarily. (Family Counseling [TRK]) But matters grew worse when Jaroch began hallucinating and collapsed. Dr. Elizabeth Aldridge discovered that Jaroch was undergoing a Seratch, the emergence of a new past life. He returned to the Temple of Mi Clane on Yyns with Aldridge and Webber to undergo the Seratch ceremony under the guidance of his sister, P'Tal, a priestess at the temple. Their efforts were interrupted first by the reincarnation of T'Mak, J'Ter's brother whom J'Ter had killed in battle, and then by Zero, who had been sent by Rebecca Singer to kill Dr. Aldridge. After both menaces had been dealt with, Jaroch's new past life emerged. It was Carl Jaroch, a human student at Old Dominion University in the 20th century. Seeing Carl's life, Jaroch learned that both the 20th and 24th centuries' Rydell and Dillon were in danger from Rebecca Singer. He, Webber, and Aldridge followed the Secondprize back to 20th century Earth in their runabout and arrived just in time to help the Secondprize disable the stolen USS Defiant. He also revealed his feelings for Hawkins to his sister and Webber. Jaroch and Hawkins beamed down to Greenbriar Mall where Singer had Carl, the Rydells and the Dillons cornered. In a rare emotional outburst, Jaroch expressed his love for Hawkins and his absolute contempt for Dillon. After Singer had been captured and escorted to the brig, Hawkins told Jaroch that she was flattered but that she loved Dillon. Jaroch swallowed his feelings and didn't speak of them again for many years. (Star Traks 6 [TRK])

Jaroch was again thrown into the perils of time travel when the Secondprize was inadvertently hurtled back into the past, and Jaroch found himself falling in love with an earth woman named Rain Robinson. After a disastrous first date where J'Ter attempted to show his sexual prowess, Jaroch was devastated to learn that Rain was kidnapped by Dominion forces. After he daringly rescued Rain from the Dominion warship Veraka, he spent the night with her before returning to the present. (Only a Matter of Time [BAN]) Several months later, Jaroch was one of the five Secondprize officers to beam down to the Forever moon where the destruction of the universe was started but put on hold for ten years. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

Jaroch was promoted to Commander after inadvertently saving Dillon's life while the Secondprize was conducting peace negotiations between warring parties on Concititiciaisia. Jaroch later attended the annual Federation Science Conference on Waystation. An accident there caused him to get stuck as Carl Jaroch. Wanting his friends around, he brought the 20th century Alex Rydell and Travis Dillon forward in time to the station, and the three stole a runabout and headed off into Multek space, forcing Lisa Beck and Walter Morales to mount a rescue mission before the timeline was seriously messed up. (The Way We Were [WAY]) Jaroch returned to the Secondprize from this experience feeling more isolated than ever. Much to his surprise, Counselor Webber approached him, and the two began a relationship that, while never truly reaching the point of dating, brought them much closer together...and involved a great deal of sex. While on vacation with Webber ten months after the start of their dalliance, Jaroch was forced to travel to the Happy Universe to rescue Webber from Happymaster Dillon. Upon their return, Webber, who realized that Jaroch was not over Hawkins, broke off their relationship, but they remained close friends. (So Happy Together [TRK])

After Rydell retired just over a year later, Jaroch was promoted to captain of the Secondprize. This event, coupled with Hawkins running off with Mookow, a Klingon she had met, completely pushed Dillon into insanity. Jaroch had Dillon put in a holodeck encased in an asteroid so that he could live in his own little fantasy world and never trouble anyone again. (Aftermath [TRK]) Over the next several years, he went through a tremendous number of first officers as Starfleet continually posted people to the Secondprize who were ill-equipped to handle the ship's unique crew. Finally, Starfleet accepted his recommendation to make Andrea Carr first officer. During this time, Jaroch also took a sabbatical on Yyns to truly learn to control his past lives. After this sabbatical, he could summon his lives at will through careful concentration.

Ten years after the Secondprize's first contact with Forever, it reactivated and restarted the countdown to destroy the universe. Admiral Beck gathered the five Secondprize officers that originally went to Forever on board the Secondprize so they could return and try to stop galactic annihilation. This unfortunately meant Dillon had to be taken from his holodeck world. On the upside, Jaroch was reunited with Hawkins. On the downside, she was still with Mookow, to whom she was now married. Over the course of the mission, it became apparent that Dillon had added some homicidal tendencies to his insanity. Jaroch rightfully worried that Dillon would rather see the universe destroyed than help Rydell. Dillon's true goal turned out to be Hawkins. He was determined to either get her back or kill her. Jaroch stepped in to fight Dillon rather than let him have Hawkins, whom Dillon had stunned into unconsciousness. The two men began to fight, letting out almost of fifteen years of hatred for each other. Unfortunately for Jaroch, Dillon's time in his holodeck world had given him years to improve his fighting skills. He seriously pummeled Jaroch until Hawkins recovered and jumped in to fight Dillon while Jaroch summoned J'Ter. Dillon gave Hawkins a severe pounding, but found himself outmatched when J'Ter finally emerged. Jaroch/J'Ter clobbered Dillon handily. During the Forever crisis, Jaroch once again expressed his love for Hawkins; however, once it was over, she returned to her husband to see if they could work out their marital troubles. Eighteen months later, Hawkins met Jaroch at Starbase 84 during the Secondprize's layover there. She told him that she'd divorced Mookow and wanted to be with Jaroch. He readily agreed. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

Later Life

Hawkins remained with Jaroch on the Secondprize, serving as the ship's "Independent Security Specialist." As Jaroch's career wore on, though, the couple had to face a troubling fact. While they would both grow old and die, Jaroch's lifeforce would continue, reincarnated in another Yynsian. When Jaroch was promoted to the admiralty in the Starfleet Sciences Division, he came across a possible solution: the Ba'ku homeworld inside the Briar Patch, the unique qualities of which would keep them both young and veritably immortal. Jaroch retired from Starfleet, and the couple moved to the Ba'ku world to begin new lives together.

Many years later Jaroch left the safety of the Ba'ku world to obtain a special present for Hawkins, a trip that resulted in his death. Finding himself in the Yynsian afterlife, the Past Life Clearinghouse, Jaroch forced his way into the body of a Yynsian that was about to be born, a Yynsian that had already received a lifeforce. This Yynsian, Tovar, grew up with two lifeforces warring inside his mind. Eventually, he snapped, and his adopted father, Captain Reginald Bain took him to Yyns to get help. There Bain learned about the interloping lifeforce and that the Yynsians planned to forcibly remove it, effectively destroying it. At Tovar's request, Bain took Tovar from Yyns, with the Yynsians in pursuit, and got him safely to where Tovar insisted that he needed to go: the Ba'ku world. There they found Patricia Hawkins, who told Bain about Jaroch. With the help of his wife, Rosalyn Bain, Bain was able to obtain a transporter buffer containing a copy of Jaroch's body, which was rejoined with his lifeforce by a Yynsian priest. The reunited Jaroch and Hawkins were left on the Ba'ku world to continue their eternity together. (Mind If I Play Through?, Aren't You Dead? [BG])

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