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Species Unknown
Alignment Directors
Features in WAY (10), VEX
First Appearance Star Traks 5
Last Appearance Blink of an Eye
Created by Alan Decker

Leximas arrived at Waystation rather mysteriously soon after the station opened for business. She never identified her species, and the ship that ferried the elf-like, silver-eyed woman to Waystation simply vanished without a trace. While the Waystation crew was confused as to where Leximas came from, she was just as confused as to why she was there. On her homeworld, Leximas had been a spiritual leader among her people teaching serenity and wisdom. She was one of the few of her kind to be chosen by a mind-guide, a disembodied force that led the actions of some of Leximas' people. Her mind-guide led her to Waystation but did not explain why. With no explanation forthcoming, Leximas settled in to wait. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

She quickly provoked the ire of Colonel Martin Lazlo when she warned him in advance that taking his marines to Ridalis Four was a bad idea. (Send The Marines [WAY]) Convinced that she was a danger to the station, Lazlo ordered his marines to keep an eye on her. Much to Lazlo and Leximas' annoyance, the marines assigned to her all resigned from the Federation Marines and decided to follow Leximas' teachings. The constant nagging of her unwanted followers became too much for even the serene guru. She drove them away in an uncharacteristic display of anger. Seeing that their guru wasn't nearly as serene as they thought, the marines went back to their posts. (This Is Only A Test [WAY])

Throughout this time, Leximas developed a friendship with Bradley Dillon. The two were basically polar opposites in terms of life philosophy and background, but they found each other fascinating. Bradley went so far as to invite Leximas to accompany him on a holodeck cruise on the Titanic. Unaware of the ocean liner's fate, Leximas agreed. The holographic cruise turned potentially deadly when Karyna, another member of Leximas' people that Leximas had banished from their homeworld for her hedonistic ways, came to the station looking for revenge. Armed with the power of the Q, Karyna sent Leximas and Bradley back to the real Titanic and put a Grecin assassin on board that had been programmed to kill Leximas. Bradley got Leximas into a lifeboat and was prepared to go down with the ship in order to stop the Grecin, but Leximas saved him just before the ship slipped beneath the waters of the Atlantic. The two were soon returned to their proper time. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])

During the renovation of Waystation, Leximas became aware of a malevolent force attempting to control Sean Russell. She was able to free Russell from the control of the Critics, but, in doing so, became a target herself. (Lip Service [WAY]) Her mind-guide revealed itself to her soon after this. The mind-guide was actually an entity known as the Ushers, who worked for the Directors against the Critics, and they needed Leximas to help fight the Critics. Before she could do anything with that knowledge, Leximas was killed when her cargo module was blown up by the Starshine Kids. (Critical Mass [WAY]) Fortunately for Leximas, she continued to exist as pure consciousness, which is what the Ushers had intended all along. Leximas enlisted Commander Lisa Beck's help, and together they were able to keep the Critics occupied long enough for the rest of the Waystation crew to take back the renovated station from the Starshine Kids. With this complete, Leximas left to prepare for the true battle to come, much to the distress of Bradley Dillon. (Lip Lock [WAY])

Leximas was not seen again until approximately Stardate 54002, when she rescued Mirk from the exploding USS Trafalgar. She informed Mirk that the only way for him to stop the Critics and the Starshine Kids was for him to build a rival group loyal to the Directors. Mirk set out to convert the Federation to Maloxitarianism. (Welcome Aboard [VEX]) Leximas stepped in personally to stop Irma from killing Mirk and to prevent the USS Explorer from being destroyed in a warp core breach. (All Hands On Deck [VEX]) Leximas next appeared to Captain Lisa Beck. Beck's consciousness had been trapped in an alternate plane while her body was under the control of an entity called the Selvan. Leximas helped Beck free herself and warn the Q that the Selvan was coming. (Acts Of Desperation, A Bridge Way Too Far [WAY])

After this, Leximas focused all of her energy on preventing Irma from getting to Mirk, but eventually Irma grew too powerful for the guru to hold back. She was able to delay Irma just long enough for Mirk to get his powers back so he could defeat Irma on his own, but Leximas was blasted through time, space, and reality. She found herself as a human on 20th century Earth. She immediately met that century's Bradley Dillon, who found himself drawn to her. But with her mind-guide gone, Leximas had no idea how her future would progress from there. (Blink of an Eye [VEX])

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