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Lisa Beck
Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Born North Carolina, Earth
Features in TRK (16), WAY (71), VEX, SIL
First Appearance Star Traks 1
Last Appearance All's Well That Ends
Created by Alan Decker
Position Xenolinguistics Department
Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters
Till 2370
Position Communications Officer
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2370
Till 2373
Position Captain
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373
Till 2385
Sucessor Walter Morales
Position Admiral
Assigned to Starfleet
From 2385

Childhood and Academy Education

Lisa Diane Beck was born in a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Her mother and father both worked for Astro-Tech, a spacecraft design firm that Starfleet often contracted with. Beck's mother, Christine, had dreamed of being a Starfleet officer, but she was not accepted into the academy. After regrouping, she found a new goal for her life; seeing to it that her eldest daughter, Lisa, succeeded where she had failed. Beck was never forced to pursue a career in Starfleet, but her parents did provide her with holovids, Junior Starfleet toys, a membership in the Starfleet Scouts, and summers at Starfleet Preparatory Camps. Beck's decision to join Starfleet was finalized at the age of eleven after her close friend Stephanie Hodges' brother, Joel, was snatched by an Andorian cult who believed he was their god. Beck and Hodges pursued the Andorians and even managed to stow away aboard their ship but quickly found themselves in over their heads. Beck was able to contact Starfleet for help and, after seeing real Starfleet officers in action, decided that was what she wanted to do with her life. (Trials of Youth [REJ])

From then on, Beck was devoted to getting into the Academy. She even spent vacations to the family's beach house on a small island just off the coast of North Carolina studying while her younger sister, Kathy played or helped their mother. Beck was accepted into the academy and focused her studies on linguistics and communications. She'd found during her adventure with the Andorians that she had a knack for languages and that she found theirs quite beautiful. She went so far as to request an Andorian for her roommate at the Academy. Her roommate introduced her to Andorian cuisine and took Beck back to Andor for the Festival of Garnish.

During her time as a cadet, Beck's parents were both killed in a transport accident. While her sister, Kathy, wanted Beck to leave the Academy and live with her in their family home, Beck decided to remain in Starfleet. Kathy was sent to live with their grandparents on the Oraster Colony. Unhappy to be away from everyone and everything she knew, Kathy ran away and returned to their family home in North Carolina. Beck intercepted her there and turned her over to the police, who returned Kathy to their grandparents. From that moment, Kathy refused to have anything to do with her sister.

Early Starfleet Career and the USS Secondprize

After graduation, Beck was posted to the xenolinguistics department at Starfleet Headquarters and earned a promotion to lieutenant for her work on translating the language of the Duralins, which consisted solely of a series of flashing lights and arcing electrical bursts. She realized that, despite her skill at her job, she was bored, a state that would become a common theme throughout her career. She wanted to be out on a starship, but there just wasn't a call for communications officers anymore. Modern universal translator protocols had made them unnecessary. After learning that the USS Secondprize had accidentally been constructed with an old-fashioned bridge, including communications console, Beck requested a transfer to the ship, making her the only officer to actually request a post on the Secondprize.

Her inclination towards command showed itself early. She took charge of the operation to find out what unfortunate woman Commander Travis Dillon was interested in dating and generally was the central member of the group of friends formed by the Secondprize's female bridge officers. (Reason to Panic [TRK]). Her abilities came to the attention of Captain Alexander Rydell during the Joegonot mission. After Counselor Claire Webber abdicated command while the ship was under attack, Beck took over and repelled the Joegonot ships. She also sent a rescue team down to Ugilious and helped Scott Baird capture the saboteur on board the Secondprize. (Star Traks 1 [TRK]) When Rydell was kidnapped by Zero, Beck commanded the Secondprize while Dillon, Jaroch, Baird and Emily Sullivan investigated the temporal anomalies emanating from Dr. Derrick Azar's laboratory. (Star Traks 2 [TRK]) Beck offered the use of her family's beach house, which Beck had inherited, to Webber and Sullivan for their experiment in retraining Scott Baird's personality. Her role in this plot also made her a victim of Baird's revenge prank. (Star Traks 3 [TRK]) Risking her career, Beck, with the help of Lt. Craig Porter, disobeyed Ambassador Fuil Baradda's direct orders and freed Lieutenant Patricia Hawkins and Dillon from a sabotaged holodeck. Fortunately, Baradda actually turned out to be a terrorist named Myna, so the disobeying orders charge wasn't really an issue. (Star Traks 4 [TRK])

A few months later, Beck was feeling restless again. She'd been with the Secondprize for almost three years, but she realized that there weren't many opportunities for career advancement in the communications field. Fortunately for her, the Secondprize ran into the Multeks. Beck's first assignment was to find a way to translate the Multek language, which came across as a series of screeches. She also had to contend with Jaroch's derisive barbs about her translation speed. In order to learn more about the Multeks, Beck accompanied Dillon, Jaroch, and Lieutenant Sean Russell to Edgeworld, where she was able to create a translation matrix just before the team was captured by a Multek ship. While Jaroch and Russell escaped back to the Secondprize with a captured Multek, Beck remained on the ship with Dillon to try to disable the Multeks' shields. They were rescued by the Secondprize moments before the Multeks vaporized them.


Beck's first commands, Waystation and the USS Wayward

Based on Beck's performance during the Multek mission and her prior record, Starfleet decided to promote her to command her and put her in charge of Waystation, a thrown-together space station Starfleet was establishing near Multek space. While at Starbase 219 to supervise the construction of Waystation, she and Captain Rydell learned that, Lt. James Terris, an officer on the Spacedock was a Romulan spy. Terris transported Beck and Rydell to the hostile planet below the starbase, where they were almost killed by the resident wildlife. Baird and Dr. Elizabeth Aldridge rescued Beck and Rydell and captured Terris. A few weeks later, Beck finally got her station, which was promptly attacked by the Romulans and the Multeks. Beck was able to stop the battle and establish contact with Wuddle, the Multek captain. She also met and immediately disliked Colonel Martin Lazlo of the Federation Marine battalion assigned to Waystation. (Star Traks 5 [TRK]) Lazlo did not like taking orders from a Starfleet officer and was even more enraged when his pilot, Stephanie Hodges, turned out to be one of Beck's oldest friends. He moved his marines to Ridalis Two to escape Beck, but she had to come rescue them after they were attacked by the planet's squirrels. (Send The Marines [WAY])

Boredom with station life prompted Beck to go on a scouting mission with Porter on Stardate 50357. The two were captured by Pophlie, a Multek carnival operator who wished to display them. Beck was seriously injured by a Multek forcefield but recovered enough to escape from her cage with Porter. (Field Trip [WAY]) She later infiltrated the Happy Universe pretending to be her Happy counterpart, Mistress Beck, in order to rescue Tina Jones. (Close To Home [WAY])

Beck's continued boredom on Waystation was almost her undoing when Karyna arrived on the station and tempted her with the power of the Q. Beck briefly abandoned the station to roam the universe with Karyna looking for new and different pleasures. At the time, she was also furious with Russell for his disobedience of her orders and gave in to the temptation offered by Karyna to torture him. She came to her senses before she could cause too much harm. Unfortunately, her anger at Russell had also prompted her to make Lazlo chief of security on Waystation. With Beck gone with Karyna, he and his marines staged takeover. Learning of this, Beck returned to Waystation with Karyna to give Lazlo what was coming to him. The arrival of the Q Karyna had gotten her powers from changed everything. Karyna tried to kill most of the crew will fighting Q. Realizing Karyna's true nature, Beck attacked her, giving Q a change to recover from Karyna's assault. Karyna turned all her anger on Beck, but Russell tackled the demi-god before she could kill Beck. Q took Karyna's powers, ending the crisis. With the danger past, Beck and the other Waystation crewmembers decided to pretend none of it had ever happened. Otherwise, they all could have been facing court-martial for various charges. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])

Beck's command was almost completely destroyed when Waystation was engulfed in riots then sliced in half by Lazlo's badly aimed phaser blasts. (Gridlock [WAY]) Beck requested help from Starfleet, which decided to renovate the entire station. During the renovation, Beck was forced to share a cargo module with Dr. Amedon Nelson. The two fought at first over just about everything but gradually became close friends. During the renovation, Beck and Hodges went on leave to Sargonis, an snow-covered world with fantastic skiing. While there, Beck became involved with Banyon Kovacs, a Starfleet Intelligence operative. Beck helped Kovacs steal a stolen item back from the Orion Syndicate and had a brief romance with him. The entire experience rejuvenated Beck and restored her sense of fun that she felt she had lost. (You May Meet A Stranger [WAY]) The fun almost came to an abrupt stop when Beck, along with Bradley Dillon, Jones, and three Starfleet higher-ups, was taken hostage by the Starshine Kids while on a tour of the renovated station. Before Sesil could brainwash her with his orb, Beck was snatched into the non-material plain by Leximas, who needed her help to battle The Critics. Beck's experience with Karyna gave her some knowledge of how to handle situations outside of normal reality. She created a non-material image of serial killer Michael Myers to keep the Critics busy while her crew retook Waystation on the material plane. With the Starshine Kids captured and the Critics' plans ruined, Beck was finally able to take command of her renovated station. (Lip Lock [WAY])

Waystation c.2379, following renovation

Beck made another trip to the Happy Universe several months later during a visit from the USS Explorer. Beck and the Explorer's captain, Andrew Baxter, where both captured by Jean-Jean Picard and subjected to the Happy ray. Fortunately, Dr. Janice Browning of the Explorer was able to reverse the effects. (Worlds Apart [VEX]) She made an unexpected trip to the Multek homeworld a short time after this in an attempt to rescue Commander Jaroch, who was visiting from the USS Secondprize, and the 20th Century Versions of Alex Rydell and Travis Dillon that he had brought to the 24th Century while under the influence of his Carl Jaroch past life. While on Multos, she was captured by Frequoq Juletz, who was determined to keep the existence of other life in the universe from his people. He intended to have Beck's mind erased and implant memories to make her believe that she was a Multek. Russell, Lazlo, and Wuddle were able to rescue her before this happened. (The Way We Were [WAY])

The following year, Beck met Phillip Harper, the owner of the Associated Worlds Network. The two hit it off immediately and started at relationship. (News At Eleven [WAY]) Shortly after this, the Selvan attempted to take control of Beck's body through her dreams. She was able to resist and drive the Selvan away. Several months later, the Selvan returned via a different route. Using Morales' feelings for Beck and his jealousy of Phillip Harper as a doorway, the Selvan took control of Morales, murdered Harper, and forced Beck to allow the Selvan to take over her body. (A Door Is Ajar [WAY]. With the Selvan in control of her body, Beck's consciousness was banished to a dimensional rift where the Selvan species had been imprisoned thousands of years earlier by the Q. Centuries of imprisonment united the Selvan species in one goal: revenge. But to attain it, they first had to escape the confines of the dimensional rift in which they were imprisoned. Divided, they could not succeed, so they found the strongest of their number and focused their energies to send him out of the rift to seek vengeance against the Q. To hurt the Q, the Selvan had to first reach the Continuum, which is why he needed Beck. She had a remnant of the Q in her body from the time that Karyna gave her the power of the Q, and the Selvan planned use this remnant to create a bridge into the Continuum, where the Q were vulnerable. Leximas appeared to Beck and helped her use the bridge to reach the Continuum first, where they tried to warn the Q. The Selvan arrived, and the battle between the Selvan and the Q began. During the fighting, the Selvan's grip on Beck's body weakened, allowing Beck back in. She was able to tell Commander Morales to stun her, which he did. With Beck's body unconscious, the Q were able to quickly defeat the Selvan. In gratitude for Beck's actions, the Q restored Phillip Harper to life. (State Of Confusion, The Devil You Know, Acts Of Desperation, A Bridge Way Too Far [WAY])

After Bradley Dillon bought himself the Federation presidency, Beck's life became more complicated. At first she was unsure that Bradley was up to the job, but his exposure of a Romulan attempt to trick him into handing over Earth calmed her concerns about his political prowess. (Trick Or Treaty [WAY]). Soon, though, she had a run-in with Bradley over who was the true authority on Waystation. Shortly after Beck returned to Waystation after officiating Alexander Rydell's marriage to Karina Durham, Bradley tried to butt into station affairs, Beck left him in charge of the station. Overwhelmed by the minutia Beck dealt with on a daily basis, Bradley went to find the captain, apologized, and left station business in her hands. (Aftermath [TRK], Hail To The Chief [WAY])

Stephanie Hodges' brother, Joel, reentered Beck's life soon after this. Joel, better known to his Andorian followers as the Z'arkbelst, took at interest in Beck now that she was a grown woman and decided that he wanted her as his own. Since he was considered a deity, he tended to get what he wanted. He and his followers kidnapped Beck from Waystation and took her with them to the Andorian colony that had been established in a nearby sector. Beck resisted Joel's advances long enough for Stephanie and Commander Morales to rescue her. (That Certain Someone [WAY])

Beck, responding to a plea for assistance from Frequoq Wuddle, saved the Multeks from an invasion by the Collectors by drawing them instead to Waystation, where their Vault-Ship was defeated and their Chief Assessor captured. (Free For All, Disintegration [WAY]) She then traveled to the Collectors' homeworld, where she met Grenana, the ancient woman being held against her will by the Collectors as they rampaged across the Beta Quadrant gathering things for her. Beck took her to a Federation retirement community, where Grenana quickly and eagerly settled in. With Grenana gone, the Collectors were forced to find some other purpose in their lives. Following this, Beck convinced the Multek Council of Elder Wizards that they could not hide from the rest of the galaxy anymore. They then decided to open formal diplomatic relations with the Federation. (Collect Call [WAY])

Several months later, Beck received word that Admiral Leelan Fonn would be taking command of Waystation. This news was quite a blow to her, but upon Fonn's arrival, she learned that the elder admiral had no interest in actually running Waystation. He was just looking for a quiet spot to spend his last three years until retirement. Beck would still be in charge. About this same time, Beck also had an accident involving a time-traveling rock that inadvertently made her the focal figure of a Piranthi religion. The Piranthi came to Waystation expecting her to speak to them. They were less than impressed by the speech of words of wisdom that Beck gave to them and left the station. (Words From On High [WAY])

Beck performed the ceremony marrying Dr. Nelson and Frequoq Wuddle on Multos. While there, Admiral Fonn decided that he liked the Multek world so much that he would be staying there as the Starfleet liaison to the Multeks, which returned command of Waystation to Beck. Upon returning to the station, though, Beck and Lieutenant Commander Porter discovered that the station was missing. (From This Day Forward [WAY]) This turned out to be a trick. The pair had actually been captured by Pophlie. The experience made Beck think about other things she had lost in her life, and, upon returning to Waystation, she attempted to contact her sister. (Lost The Way [WAY])

Several months later, Kathy visited Waystation, but she was not there to see Beck and remained furious with her sibling. She was there to speak with Porter about time-drive designs with the goal of eventually building a time-ship to rescue their parents. Porter, whose relationship with Beck was already awkward after the two spent a drunken night together, decided not to inform Beck of Kathy's plans in an attempt to avoid causing Beck more pain. (Estrangers In The Night [WAY])

Beck briefly lost command of her station again a short time later, due to an unscheduled lockdown drill, courtesy of Fleet Admiral Nosira Ra'al, which trapped the command crew in Ops for 48 hours. During that time, the truth of her drunken night with Porter came out along with many other things that led to a major estrangement between the command officers. While they were locked in Ops, the command crew was unaware that Colonel Martin Lazlo attempted to take command. His marines and the Starfleet crew were both taken out by a civilian militia created by Richard Theroll, who proceeded to name himself Station Administrator. Once the lockdown was over, Beck and the other command officers were taken to Theroll, who had established a dictatorship. When challenged by Beck, Theroll, the head of the station's Society for Creative Anachronisms, prepared to duel her with swords. Beck smacked his sword away and beat him senseless, effectively retaking the station from Theroll. The damaged relationships among the command officers were not so easy to deal with. (Lockdown, Town Hall [WAY])

Kathy returned to the station with what she claimed was a working time ship as well as an invitation for Beck to join her in an attempt to save their parents. Beck agreed, but it was all a trick. Kathy knocked her sister out and handed her over to the Romulan Tarmak, who needed Beck's command codes, in exchange for copies of all temporal research conducted by the Romulans. Porter was able to figure out what happened and, with the help of Hodges and the Federation Marines, rescued Beck from the Romulan Colony on Zycam. Beck then returned to Waystation, where she was able to stop Tarmak from carrying out his planned revenge against Bradley Dillon and Jean-luc Picard. Beck then turned Kathy over to the Federation authorities for trial. (Just Undo It, Pomp And Circumstances [WAY])

The following year, Beck was reunited with Banyon Kovacs, when he visted Waystation posing as Arthur Mills, the boyfriend of Lusenkia Dekelina. He was investigating Dekelina, who was suspected as the mastermind/financial supplier behind the thefts of several rare items. After learning from her manservant, Lerk, that Kovacs and Beck had been speaking to each other, Dekelina was convinced that her boyfriend was cheating on her and decided to kill Beck and Kovacs in the same holodeck death trap she'd devised for her true target, Lieutenant Commander Russell. Lieutenant Colonel Daniel O'Neal, who was playing croquet in the holodeck with Russell when Dekelina put her plan into action, despite being an innocent bystander, was also to suffer the same fate as the others: death by giant croquet balls. Fortunately, Colonel Martin Lazlo, infuriated that his marines weren't spending their off-hours on the marines' deck, stormed into the holodeck looking for O'Neal. Lazlo was quickly able to take down Dekelina and Lerk and rescue the others, not that he had any interest in rescuing Beck, Russell, or Kovacs. Dekelina was taken into custody. A search of her home discovered several stolen items. Beck and Kovacs rekindled their fling.(Fraternizing With The Enemy [WAY])

Several weeks later, Beck found herself heading toward another confrontation with President Dillon, this time over Doc, an impefect but sentient copy of the USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram that was created accidentally when Bradley copied the EMH's databanks to gather information for his debate with Kathryn Janeway. Unable to take on Bradley directly, Beck reluctantly accepted Banyon Kovacs' offer to infiltrate the Dillon Enterprises complex and retrieve Doc. Kovacs was able to transfer Doc into a data storage unit hidden in his pants, but he was then captured by the Special Secret Section. Beck, who was monitoring from Ops, heard this happen just as Colonel Lazlo stormed into Ops to inform her that he and the marines would be leaving the station permanently. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw? [WAY]) Beck planned to take a security team into the Dillon Enterprises complex to find Kovacs, knowing that this action would very likely lead to a court martial. She ordered Commander Morales to leave the station, so that he would not be involved and, therefore, could take command when he returned. After Porter descovered the existence of a secret Dillon Enterprises Research & Development facility on Deck 97 of Waystation, Beck, Porter, and Jones entered it to rescue Kovacs and Doc. There they ended up trapped and battling the Special Secret Section. Bradley Dillon intervened and put a stop to the fighting. Not willing to take action against Jones, Bradley was forced to accept Beck's terms. He would allow Beck to deal with Doc, stay out of Waystation's command systems, register his R&D facility with Ops, and stop acting like the people of the Federation were his playthings. Ensign Jones added one more devastating condition: Bradley could no longer speak to her. Bradley went on to win the election, which was fine with Beck, since she considered him to be a better choice than Janeway. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw?, Going My Way? [WAY])


By the time of the Forever incident, Beck had been promoted to admiral and had returned to Earth. She was informed of the Forever situation and ordered to take the Secondprize officers involved in the whole mess to Forever to see if they could stop the destruction of the universe. Her first stop was to pick up Alexander Rydell from the resort he owned. Since she had taken command of Waystation, Beck and Rydell had become good friends through their common bond as commanding officers. While the Secondprize Five took care of things on Forever, Beck manned the tactical console on the Secondprize during the ship's battle with the Mitgogae. She, along with Andrea Carr, Trinian, and Sullivan, boarded the Mitgogae to stop Morticent and rescue Craig Porter. One year later, she visited Rydell shortly after the birth of his daughter. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

Beck was present at the decomissioning of the USS Explorer at Waystation, and Andrew Baxter's aborted funeral. (All's Well That Ends [VEX]) While not surprised by Baxter's revival half-way through the ceremony, she still delared it to be the weirdest funeral she had ever attended.

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