Martin Lazlo

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Martin Lazlo
Species Human
Alignment Federation Marines
Features in TRK (1), WAY (31)
First Appearance Star Traks 5
Last Appearance From This Day Forward
Created by Alan Decker
Marine Career
Position Colonel
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373

Colonel in charge of the Federation Marine 79th Battalion assigned to Waystation. Lazlo arrived at Waystation by runabout in the middle of Waystation's battle with the Romulans and the Multeks. After the station was able to bring them safely aboard, Lazlo and the two marines accompanying him set off to capture, or preferably kill, Captain Wuddle. Commander Lisa Beck stepped in, stunned all three of the marines, and locked them in the brig until they agreed that she was the one in command of the station. (Star Traks 5 [TRK][WAY])

Lazlo intensely disliked having to follow Beck's orders and felt that the arrival of the rest of his battalion should mean a more equitable distribution of power on the station. Beck said no way and even went so far to remind Lazlo's troops that she was the one in charge. In response, Lazlo packed up and moved his entire group to Ridalis Four, an uninhabited forest world discovered by the Waystation scouting missions. (Send The Marines [WAY]) After receiving prior warning from Leximas that the Ridalis Four trip would be disastrous, Lazlo decided that the guru was dangerous and ordered his marines to keep tabs on her. He was furious that instead they were spellbound by her peace and serenity. (This Is Only A Test [WAY])

Beck made Lazlo the station's Chief of Security after Sean Russell had screwed up once to often. Lazlo used the opportunity to attempt a hostile takeover of the station while Beck and Lieutenant Commander Walter Morales were off the station. He had Dr. Amedon Nelson and Lieutenant Craig Porter thrown in the brig, but Russell was able to free them and, with their help, confront Lazlo in ops. No official action was taken against him in this incident due to the incredible amount of wrongdoing performed by everyone concerned. Instead, it was agreed to just forget the whole mess. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY]) Lazlo was basically responsible for starting the refit of Waystation when he sliced the station in half using the USS Mongoose's phasers in an overzealous pursuit of an Andorian freighter. (Gridlock [WAY]) He later saved the Asneris colony from vanishing without a trace by convincing the energy entity residing on that world that humans were worthy creatures. As distasteful as this was, the only way Lazlo could do this was by admitting that he needed Commander Beck's help to pass the entity's tests. (The Corps Of The Matter [WAY]) When Waystation was taken over by the Starshine Kids, Lazlo and Morales worked well together to resolve the situation, both men earning the respect of the other. Lazlo's team infiltrated the station and captured the Starshine Kids. (Lip Lock [WAY])

Lazlo was on the scouting mission that first encountered the D'Ceti. The D'Ceti scanned his mind and, sensing hostility, took over Lazlo and used him to try to kill Porter and Russell. Porter was able to resolve the misunderstanding and made proper contact with the D'Ceti, convincing them that, despite Lazlo's personality, the Federation as a whole was peaceful. Freed from D'Ceti control, Lazlo traveled to Multos with Russell and Wuddle and saved Commander Beck from Frequoq Juletz. (The Way We Were [WAY]) Lazlo and several of his marines were also on the USS Wayward during the first encounter with the Collectors at the planet Falinor. Lazlo led his troops onto the Collectors' Vault-Ship and set off an electromagnetic pulse device created by Porter, which shorted out the mind-control helmets the Collectors used to force beings to serve them. Lazlo then pursued the Collectors' Chief Assessor and forced him to relinquish the Collectors' claim on Falinor. (Everything Must Go! [WAY]) Lazlo and his marines were also instrumental in defending the station from a Collectors' assault the following year.

While the Waystation command crew was trapped in Ops for a lockdown drill, Lazlo tried to take command to ensure that order was maintained. He set his marines against the Starfleet crew, but both groups where taken out by a civilian militia formed by Richard Theroll, who later named himself Station Administrator. Lazlo escaped and managed to hide for a while, but he was eventually captured when he attempted to warn Beck about the civilian takeover. (Town Hall [WAY])

The following year, Lazlo's restlessness grew. He realized that Waystation had become civilization and was no longer really out on the frontier. More troubling was the fact that his marines had gotten comfortable and were spending all of their time engaging in civilian activities or, even worse, dating Starfleet Officers. After he couldn't find enough marines on the marine deck to start a basketball game one evening, Lazlo went looking for his second-in-command, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel O'Neal, and his timely arrival in a holodeck saved O'Neal, Russell, Beck, and Banyon Kovacs from being killed by Lusenkia Dekelina. (Fraternizing With The Enemy [WAY])

Lazlo's disgust at his marines' fraternization with Starfleet and Waystation's civilian population finally led him to confine the marines to their deck. O'Neal, unhappy with this decision, disobeyed Lazlo's orders and led a group that escaped one night with plans to return before they were discovered. Unfortunately that didn't work out. Furious, Lazlo decided to train his troops even more intensely until he realized that training wasn't the issue; Waystation was. Hitting upon the idea of moving to the Space Lodge, he had his superiors petition the Federation Council to change jurisdiction over the mysterious structure from Starfleet Science to the Federation Marines. His proposal was accepted, and the marines left Waystation. Soon after their arrival at the Space Lodge, though, they and it vanished without a trace. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw?, Going My Way? [WAY])

Lazlo disdains what he considers Starfleet's weakness towards aggressors. He prefers the old "shoot first, ask questions later" policy. It particularly galls him that Beck turns out to be right more often than not. The Starfleet personnel, in turn, enjoy making fun of the black mass of hair on Lazlo's face he has the nerve to call a mustache.

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