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A reclusive xenophobic species residing in the Multek Enclave inside the Beta Quadrant. One of the core tenets of the Multeks' beliefs is that they are the only intelligent species in the galaxy. Therefore, when the USS Secondprize first encountered them on Stardate 50218, the Multek response was to assume that they were hallucinations. Faced with a plague of such hallucinations, the Multek leader, Frequoq Juletz, sent a ship commanded by Wuddle to the recently-established Waystation to end the imaginary threat. The ship was unsuccessful. (Star Traks 5 [TRK]) In response to this, Juletz ordered the area of the Multek Enclave near the Federation placed off-limits to all Multeks. (Field Trip [WAY])

After Waystation was taken over by the Starshine Kids, Lt. Craig Porter tricked a fleet of Multek ships into attacking the occupied station by telling them that it was a test of their capacity to handle hallucinations. (Lip Lock [WAY]) Multeks are humanoid with incredibly pale white skin, midnight blue hair, and red eyes. The Multek homeworld has been called Multos, Multekon and Multekia Prime. No one is sure why they keep changing the name. Since the Multeks believed they were alone in the universe, there was little need to devote resources to exploration. They have a military which acts more as an internal police force, and the Enclave has reached a technology level on a par with the Federation. With only themselves to think of, though, the Multeks have devoted many of their resources to fun ways to fill their considerable leisure time. Between amusement parks, carnivals, and cruises, the entire Enclave could really be called the happiest place in the universe. And Frequoq Juletz understood that, in order to keep it that way, he had to make sure no one learned that the "Federations" really existed. After a D'Ceti ship was shot down by a Multek patrol ship and a stolen runabout from Waystation trespassed into the Enclave, Juletz felt that he had no choice but to destroy Waystation in order to protect his people's way of life. Porter was able to hide Waystation from the Multek fleet, and, when the fleet returned without really destroying anything, Juletz's subsequent ravings about aliens ended up getting him removed from the position of Frequoq, so that he could take a nice long rest. After this Wuddle, who not only believed in aliens but also knew that the Federation was peaceful became Frequoq. He knew, however, that it would take time to prepare his people for the truth about other life in the universe. (The Way We Were [WAY])

Wuddle sent out an exploratory ship, the first in generations, beyond the borders of the Enclave. This ship and its crew were captured by the Collectors. While Captain Lisa Beck and others were able to rescue the crew, the Collectors kept the ship and were also aware of the Multeks' existence. (Collectibles - Part One, Collectibles - Part Two [WAY]). The following year, the Collectors located and invaded the Multek Enclave, getting so far as to beam Collectors down to the surface of Multos before Beck was able to lure the Collectors' Vault-Ship away from the Enclave to Waystation, where it was defeated. With proof of alien life shoved into their faces, the Multeks, particularly the shadowy Council of Elder Wizards that really ran the planet, had some decisions to make. (Free For All, Disintegration, Collect Call [WAY]) The Multeks decided to open their paradise to the Federation and go into the galactic tourism industry. (Neighborly Advice, Dress Rehearsal, From This Day Forward)

Every Multek in the galaxy vanished when the entire Multek Enclave disappeared in 2485 along with some visitors to the Enclave, including the parents of Lieutenant Commander Tovar of the USS Anomaly.

Approximately two decades after the disappearance, the Anomaly accidently entered the pocket universe where the Enclave now resided thanks to the ship's anti-singularity drive (Right Where We Left It [BG]).