Sean Russell

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Sean Russell
Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Features in TRK (5), WAY (64), VEX (1)
First Appearance Star Traks 1
Last Appearance All's Well That Ends
Created by Alan Decker
Position Security Officer
Assigned to McKinley Station
Till 2370
Position Security Officer
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2370
Till 2373
Position Chief of Security
Assigned to USS Edsel
From 2372
Till 2372
Position Chief of Security
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373
Till Unknown
Sucessor Tina Jones
Position First Officer
Assigned to Waystation
Predecessor Walter Morales

Sean Russell attended Starfleet Academy with Craig Porter where the two were roommates and became close friends. After graduation, Russell was posted to Earth's McKinley Station as a member of the station's security detail. It was a prime assignment for an officer whose spirit of adventure was heavily outweighed by his instinct for self-preservation. Russell's superiors quickly noticed that he was far more interested in cruising for dates than in performing his duties, so they transferred him to the recently-commissioned USS Secondprize.

On the Secondprize, Lt. Russell served a member of Patricia Hawkins' security detail, and he led the away team sent down to Ugilious to rescue Captain Alexander Rydell and the other captured Secondprize officers from the Joegonots. Russell's team found themselves heavily outnumbered and had to be beamed back to the ship. (Star Traks 1 [TRK]) Russell was briefly promoted to Chief of Security on the USS Edsel during Travis Dillon's tenure as the Edsel's captain. When the Edsel was sent to Gulax Four, Russell brought along Darla, a woman he'd just met on the beach. Darla was quickly wooed away by the Edsel's science officer, Kantura Dransein, though. To make matters worse, Russell was forced to remain on the planet with Dillon in an attempt to prevent the Klingons from taking an artifact found there. Russell provided color commentary for the contest between Dillon and Donask. (Star Traks 3 [TRK])

Russell was the officer ordered to guard Lt. Hawkins when Myna put her in the brig. She talked him into letting her out and laying in the brig bed with a wig on pretending to be her while she went to find Cmdr. Dillon. (Star Traks 4 [TRK]) Later, Russell accompanied a Secondprize away team down to Edgeworld at the border of the Multek Enclave. The away team was captured by the Multeks but managed to escape. This mission led to the construction of Waystation and Russell's posting as the station's Chief of Security. On an assignment to pick up Waystation's new Chief Medical Officer, Russell and Yeoman Tina Jones infiltrated a terrorist strong hold and freed Lt. Porter and Dr. Amedon Nelson, who had been captured by the Hinaree. After finally arriving on Waystation itself, Russell quickly annoyed Dr. Nelson by taking her supply of unlogi, the drug that maintained her symbiosis with Midon. Russell also had to track and calm down Captain Wuddle after the Multek thought the station's personnel were out to get him. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

Once life on Waystation settled into a routine, Russell illicitly built Compucop, a computerized security device designed to allow Russell to spent more time relaxing. Compucop was a bit overzealous and arrested almost everyone on the station, including Russell, before Walter Morales and Jones could stop it. (House Arrest [WAY]) Russell further aggravated Commander Lisa Beck by allowing the Klingon dress thief Qolesh to escape and take Beck hostage briefly. She then ordered him to attend a diplomatic function at a nearby colony, an order he ignored in order to keep a date with Ensign Krause. Discovering this, Beck removed him from his position and ordered him off the station. Before he could leave, Karyna arrived to tempt Beck with a life of absolute power and hedonism. Beck tortured Russell briefly but quickly realized what she was doing. Dumped back on Waystation, which had been taken over by Colonel Martin Lazlo's Federation Marines, Russell managed to free Porter and Dr. Nelson from the brig, incapacitate the vast majority of the marines, and help Beck and Porter get to ops. Russell, in an almost-certainly suicidal move, dove at Karyna to stop her from killing Beck, an act which most likely saved everyone on Waystation. It also got him his job back. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])

Several months later, Russell's attempt to intervene in a dispute between two Tellarite women fighting over one of Krilik's dresses added to the riot that almost destroyed the station. (Gridlock [WAY]) For the most part, the renovation of Waystation was fairly quiet from Russell's point of view, that is until he was enlisted by the Critics to find followers for them. Russell was a complete failure at finding followers and narrowly avoided being brainwashed into joining the Starshine Way. Leximas's interference saved Russell from both Sesil and the Critics. (Lip Service [WAY]) Russell was one of the Waystation officers who helped retake the renovated station from the Starshine Kids after he narrowly escaped the exploding Runabout USS Yadkin. Despite the threat of death, he also managed to ask Stephanie Hodges out for a drink. (Lip Lock [WAY])

Russell was on the scouting mission that first encountered the D'Ceti, during which he narrowly-avoided being killed by a D'Ceti-possessed Lazlo. Once contact with the D'Ceti had been established, he traveled with Lazlo and Wuddle to Multos to rescue Commander Beck. (The Way We Were [WAY]) The following year, Russell investigated his first homicide: the death of an Andorian colonist. He discovered that the victim was actually an assassin who had been hired to kill Ih'mad and that Ih'mad's head waiter, Baughb, killed the assassin before he could carry out his assignment. (A Deadly Shade Of Blue [WAY])

Over the course of the following two years, Russell felt increasingly despondent that he would never get a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. But when the promotion finally did come, he didn't believe that he'd actually done anything to earn it. Needing to clear his head, he went to visit his cousin, Olivia Russell, on Halydol. While there, he exposed her as a criminal. Olivia thought that he would not discover her involvement in the theft of an authentic James T. Kirk uniform tunic, but Russell was a better investigator that she was expecting. She was forced to flee on her employer's ship, the Ozymandias. Russell remained for the rest of his leave to enjoy his cousin's abandoned apartment and the relationship he'd struck up with Inspector Rebecca Chambers. (9/10ths Of The Law [WAY])

The following year Olivia visited Waystation in the guise of a ten-year-old girl, thanks to a de-aging process paid for by her employer. She forced Russell to help her obtain a rare item from Admiral Leelan Fonn's belongings in exchange for helping him capture five other criminals who were after the item. She held up her end of the bargain, but Russell took her into custody anyway and shipped her off to a rehabilitation colony on Earth. (The Rules Of Relativity [WAY])

Russell was instrumental in discovering the truth behind the bombing of Krilik's Klingon Formal Wear Shop, which almost killed Captain Beck and Bradley Dillon. Russell determined that the culprit was actually Tiffany Beecher, a teenaged girl who was after the dresses and not the Federation President or Beck. (And They're Off [WAY]) A short time later, Russell was almost killed by Lusenkia Dekelina, although he never learned his attacker's name. Dekelina was the wealthy woman who had employed Olivia Russell as her private thief, and she was very upset that Russell had arrested Olivia and sent her to a rehabilitation colony. After Russell was beamed into an over-elaborate death trap by Dekelina, Porter was able to track Russell down and rescue him before he was crushed by a descending ceiling. (Waypoint Harbor [WAY])

Dekelina returned to Waystation several months later with a boyfriend in tow and with every intention of finishing Russell off. The boyfriend, whom she knew as Arthur Mills, was actually Banyon Kovacs, a Starfleet Intelligence agent who had had a brief fling with Captain Lisa Beck several years earlier. After learning from her manservant, Lerk, that Kovacs and Beck had been speaking to each other, Dekelina was convinced that her boyfriend was cheating on her and decided to kill him and Beck in the same holodeck death trap she'd devised for Russell. Lieutenant Colonel Daniel O'Neal, who was playing croquet in the holodeck with Russell when Dekelina put her plan into action, despite being an innocent bystander, was also to suffer the same fate as the others: death by giant croquet balls. Fortunately, Colonel Martin Lazlo, infuriated that his marines weren't spending their off-hours on the marines' deck, stormed into the holodeck looking for O'Neal. Lazlo was quickly able to take down Dekelina and Lerk and rescue the others, not that he had any interest in rescuing Beck, Russell, or Kovacs. Dekelina was taken into custody. (Fraternizing With The Enemy [WAY])

By the time of the Forever incident, Russell had been promoted to commander and was serving as Waystation's first officer. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK]). He continued to serve on Waystation, seeing the decomissioning of the USS Explorer (All's Well That Ends [VEX]).

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