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Maija Meneks

Series Synopsis

All Borg are created (or rather, assimilated) equal - that's the story the Collective wants you to believe. The truth is more complicated - sometimes when assimilated, a drone retains a part of its original personality. Otherwise, the drone is fine and functional - discarding it would be a waste. But "Borg with Personality" isn't exactly Perfection either. So, the Collective put all those square pegs into one cube, keeping it at arm's length, and sends it on low-priority tasks. Imagine you're in a madhouse where you don't only hear voices, those voices are also not necessarily your own. Welcome to Exploratory Cube #347.

Series Status

Under Construction

Main Stories and Season Synopsis

Season 1

Season 1 - Shake Down Cruise: After stumbling across a derelict freighter, originating from the newly designated Species #8511, Cube #347 is tasked to find their home system for their assimilation. By other, more competent sub-collectives, of course.

Season 2

Season 2 - On the Road again: The Sub-Unit of Cargo-Class Cube #522 joins our intrepid... Heroes? Villains?...anyway, during the test of a new slipstream drive, stuff goes wrong. The good news is, they're still in their home galaxy. And a normal Cube would need a mere year to find its way back into Borg controlled space - a normal cube, that is.

Season 3

Season 3 - Are We Home Yet?: No, Cube #347 is still not home. Understandable, given that everything from phasic insects, ghosts, assimilated household pets (Yes, that one) to luggage with tiny feet is thrown at them. Meanwhile, Sub-Unit #522 does...something. I guess.

Season 4

Season 4 - Going Nowhere Fast: This season takes place in Grand Central, a travel hub left by the Progenitors. The system itself is interesting in many ways. Cube #347, however, would probably appreciate it more if it were able to leave said system.

Season 5

Season 5 - Fast Forward Future: Taking place after the events of Dark Rising, Cube #347 now knows: Even the Future's not what it's cracked up to be.

Season 6

Season 6 - Flux Jumping to a Reality Near You: Remember when Cube #347 was lost in Space? Or in Time? Now they're lost in different universes. Hilarity ensues.

Season 7

Season 7 - Are We There Yet?: The Cube is back - back...where they were last seen in this reality. Surrounded by enemy Colors. Well, crud.

Season 8

Season 8 - Hanky Alert! Hanky Alert!: Synopsis here

Season 9

Season 9 - Dude! Where's My Reset Button?: Synopsis here

Books and Other Projects

A Fish Story (Book) - Synopsis here

Dark Rising (Book) - Synopsis here

Assimilations (Mini-series) - Synopsis here

Cube #238 Mini-Series (Mini-series) - Different imperfect sub-collective and different ship, same ol' story. Sort of. Exploratory-class Cube #347 was not the first, nor the last, vessel of Borg square pegs. Enter Lugger-class Cube #238, the depository of Borg unwanted by the Whole, yet too well adjusted to just throw away. Set before the resurrection of its much more infamous Exploratory-class counterpart, Cube #238 has its own issues. Trying to stay on schedule to deliver cargo is on the most minor of difficulties.

The Reject's Table (collaboration) - Synopsis here

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Blah blah blah here about minor characters intro (minor, reoccurring, and notorious)

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For the remainder of the many Cube #347 drones, please visit the BorgSpace Drone Database.

Author's Series Notes

Some sort of introduction here about each season and story has its own notes as well, but this is for the entire BorgSpace concept

What I liked about the idea of Cube #347 (and still do at the time of this wiki entry) is that they are essentially villains. The sub-collective of Cube #347 are not nice people. Writing villains is difficult, not least of all because you can't let them win. Not in the end, anyway, because if the Cube #347 crew always won (as opposed to muddling their way through what the universe throws at them), then everyone would be assimilated and the series would have been very short.

Another thing I immediately found hard when I began writing BorgSpace, and still do many years and many stories later, was the problem of not making my erstwhile villains too powerful. In Star Trek cannon, the Borg area about the biggest, baddest thing around (give or take the occasional extra-dimensional three-legged alien or Jean-Luc Picard's intuition). Knowing when and when not to use the powerful nature of the Borg has been another challenge. However, sometimes one just has to break out the disruptors and unleash one's internal Weapons.

I one major problem with writing BorgSpace has been the lack of ability to focus on interpersonal relationships. That is just an arena that does not exist within the Collective. Oh, there are 'quasi-relationships' in the form of the antagonism between Weapons and Delta, or the sarcastic foil of Second, but nothing 'deep', per se. I've tried to compensate over the years by purposefully including at least one story per season that focuses on a single character to try to expand and grow their inner-self, but the fundamental reality is that true emotions like 'love' or 'hate' have to be consciously censored when I write stories that focus on the sub-collective.