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Star Traks: Origins Of The Species


Created in 2007 By Mark Stockman (AKA Mad Lensman - See Forums)

Series Synopsis

Origins follows the adventures of the USS Devonshire under command of Captain Marcus Stone, a recently promoted security officer who mistakenly crosses swords with Captain James T. Kirk by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Origins is set immediately after the return of the Enterprise from it's first 5 year mission and chronicles a relatively unknown period in the history of Starfleet, providing some possible answers to some of the fan's burning questions such as why the penguin greys? why?

When a certain Captain get's kicked into the admialty as a direct result of Stone meddling in affairs, revenge is plotted in the form of a promotion. Kirk's induction as an Admiral includes a certain project to refit the existing constitution class cruisers of the era to ships more capable of taking on the new Klingon K'T'inga class of ship. In with this little pet project, Kirk discovers the Devonshire, slated as a target for wargames, and decides to get rid of all the problems in one hit. Hence Stone gets the Devonshire and all the misfits in the fledgeling fleet get somewhere nice and cosy to call home.... Well, it nearly worked!

Season Status

The series is currently posting season 2 on the Origins website. The posting schedule has sadly come under the attack of a really mean and nasty case of "Real Life" syndrome, which has somewhat delayed the latest entries. Normal service (Ha!) will be resumed as soon as the Author can escape from Real Life's clutches.

Season 1

Origins: Season 1 Episodes

Stone and the rest of the crew get a harsh introduction to the reality of Space flight and the dangers that await in the universe when they get called upon to capture the first Romulan ship ever attained by the Federation. They also get to rescue a new crewmate and several entire Starship crews from the Seskian Empire, play galactic bailiff's, meet a new, genetically engineered threat to the Federation, take part in a prestidgeous, but highly unusual, Starship race and get a top of the line refit, before losing their ship entirely! STone also get's chance to celebrate Christmas with a very disturbed tree-top fairy.

Season 2 Now Posting!

Origins: Season 2 Episodes

Change is the name of the game as the crew find themselves rescued from Gamma Sigma, but at what cost? The loss of an XO, not so bad, but the loss of a security chief? That may be the final straw!

Major Characters - Season 1 2273

Below Decks & Beta Shift

Series Notes & Addendums

Star Traks: Origins came about after reading everything Traks which had been written by the authors over a long succession of very boring night shifts. Mark had read everything Alan Decker had written for the original traks and also then entire Star Traks: BorgSpace series and almost all of Anthony Butler's Vexed Generation before the very first loose storylines started to fall into place which would later become Origins. Various plot lines, revisions and finally a few written parts coalesced to become the pilot, What No Man's Done Before and the second episode The Mondeo Three.

After a period of about three years, and much gut wrenching and screwing up of courage, Mark finally contacted the authors of the mainstream Traks series, initially Maija Meneks and then Alan Decker himself and became a member of the forums before posting the first couple of episodes and finally opening the Origins website at [1]