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Alan Decker

Series Synopsis

In the 23rd Century…

Not every captain is James T. Kirk, and not every ship is the USS Enterprise. In this six-story mini-series, Mike Harper and the crew of the freighter the SS Clydesdale just want to move some cargo, stay on Starfleet's good side, and, if they're very lucky, not get killed in the process.

Series Status

This series is complete.

Major Characters

Story Listing

Series Notes

Originally, the concept for TOSsed was a bit like the Second Contact mission of the USS Cerritos on Star Trek: Lower Decks (Just to be clear, I started working on TOSsed around 2010), only set in the TOS era. It was going to be about a small Starfleet ship that went around after Kirk's Enterprise and followed up on their missions. The captain was originally a much different version of the character who became Ronnie, and I had a whole arc planned for the ship's helm officer. As I worked on it, though, it was all coming out a bit like stuff I'd done before. The captain was feeling too much like Samantha Dallas from The Traks Files, and the move to the TOS era wasn't doing enough to differentiate it from the other Traks series. It was yet another Starfleet ship of quirky characters getting into silly situations (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Despite that, I still liked the bones of the idea (Yes, I know what I did there). I wanted to do something in the TOS era, but I needed to change things up a bit. Back when he was doing Firefly, Joss Whedon (And wow has his reputation changed in the last decade!) said something to the effect that, if it was in the Star Trek universe, the Serenity was the type of ship that the Enterprise would zip right on by without paying it a bit of attention (I can't find the exact quote, but you get the idea.). I didn't want to completely do a Star Traks version of Firefly (As a side note, there's an entire Waystation/Firefly crossover in my head that I never wrote.), but that was kind of where I needed to go: a non-Starfleet ship just doing their day-to-day stuff in the Federation. Once I had that, I started over on the characters and the ship. Pretty much the only things I kept were Ronnie's name, a character who became Dr. Corbair, and the title of the first story, "Back to the Well," which seemed like a fun meta-commentary on the fact that I was starting yet another Traks series.

Beyond that, I didn't have a clear picture of how many stories this would run or how things would play out.


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