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Alan Decker.

Series Synopsis

"Space. There's a lot of it out there..."

Star Traks: The Original Series chronicles the "adventures" of the crew of the USS Secondprize, a ship manned by Starfleet's least competant, least stable, and least wanted. The Secondprize crew under Captain Alexander Rydell (the man continually voted Laxest Captain In The Fleet) face acne-ridden aliens that smell vaguely of cheese, obnoxious belchers, Borg clowns, and Condor-ridden conspiracies in their continuing effort to not get blown up.

Series Status

The series is complete...unless Alan decides to write more at some point.

The Stories

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Major Characters

Listed ranks are from the character's introduction and may change during the series

Minor Characters

Series Notes

Star Traks: The Original Series was created somewhat by accident in the Fall of 1992. Alan Decker was in his Freshman year at Old Dominion University at the time, and a game had started among his friends to determine, if they had a starship, what crew positions would they have. During a conversation at lunch one day in October 1992, the real world version of Alexander Rydell suggested that Alan should write some of this up at some point. Alan took things a step further. Rather than putting himself and his friends on a starship, Alan created caricatures loosely based on aspects of their personalities and wrote the first chapter that same afternoon. He took that chapter with him to dinner that night and, after getting encouragement from his friends, continued on from there, adding in more characters and developing the Joegonot plot as he went.

After Star Traks 1 was completed (which at the time was titled "Star Traks: The Generation After That One"), Alan thought that would be it, but later that year, he had the idea that became Star Traks 2. Star Traks 3 was written during the Spring of 1993, and most of the first round of short stories were written in that Summer. At that point, it had officially become a series.

Over the remainder of Alan's college years, he wrote Star Traks 4, Sensitivity 101 (With Tasha Campagnola), Star Traks 5, several more short stories, made a movie of Sensitivity 101 with his friends (Star Traks: Refresher Course), and finished things off (so he thought) with Star Traks 6 in the Fall of 1995.

Alan graduated from Old Dominion in December 1995 and moved on to graduate school the following Fall at Louisiana State University. While there, he developed the plot for Please Hold For Oblivion, which he felt would put a nice cap on the series. He also revisited the original crew in Cruising For Trouble and Of Gods and First Officers, a crossover with Star Traks: The Vexed Generation. Again he felt he was done with the characters. Then he wrote It's Good To Be King. It was supposed to be a one-off story with an idea he felt he just had to write. Before long, he had decided to do a few more stories than that, and what was supposed to be one tale grew into The Lost Years.

The Lost Years project was completed in 2001, and once again Alan was done with the original series...until he wrote The Star Traks Reunion Special, which was posted in June 2004. That has been the last official original series project; although, original series characters have popped up in stories Alan has written for Star Traks: The Vexed Generation and Star Traks: Silverado.


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