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Star Traks: The Vexed Generation is written by Anthony Butler.

Series Synopsis

I'm not even sure if that's how you spell "Albuquerque," but I do know that this is the premiere season of Star Traks: The Vexed Generation. It tells of the Aerostar and her search to find a way back to the Alpha Quadrant. Think that's an easy task? Think again!

That's right. The crew of the Aerostar is back in the Alpha Quadrant, but their incompetence and bad luck more or less remains the same. Without giving away any surprises, let's just say that all is not what it once was with the Aerostar crew, or with the Aerostar. Still, fun ensues! But first.... Make sure you read STAR TRAKS: CONFRONTATIONS, which picks up right after the end of Year One, before you proceed!

Watch out, alien scum. Now they're married. How will the crew cope with a married Peterman and Baxter? The loss of Richards and Browning? The gain of Baxter's parents? And the addition of the tiny USS Escort? Changes a-plenty and a guaranteed increase in neuroses is assured for Year Three!

An Explorer cruise ship? A half-changeling baby? Maloxian religion for all? Kristen Larkin a Vegas showgirl? How the heck does all this come about? Read on through Year Four to find out! And be prepared for some crazy events as we continue on toward what may possibly just be the end of the road for the Explorer crew. Kind of.

The Explorer settles into their new mission of spreading Federation joy and hospitality in the Gamma Quadrant. Is the crew really cut out to be diplomatic? Can they handle the irascible Lt. Commander Vansen? What's irascible mean? Is that a word? How will Counselor Peterman deal with her impending infant? Will Lt. Commander Hartley deal with her impending marriage? And, finally, what the heck is a "nice" Jem'Hadar?

Now that the Explorer is back in the Alpha Quadrant, the crew can settle down and return their lives to some state of normalcy. Right? Wrong! Federation President Bradley Dillon has other things in mind for the Explorer crew as he comandeers the ship for a secret mission that is not altogether clear to our valiant crew. Will he ever let Baxter and company in on his secret? Will the Explorer survive this search for...something? Tune in to find out. . .

It's pretty hard to be the captain of a starship when you're stuck in the past. Captain Andy Baxter is about to learn that living in the past is the least of his problems, as he begins to find ways out of the predicament Federation President Bradley Dillon left him and his friends in at the end of Year 6. But will they still be friends at the end of this adventure? And whose left to care for the Explorer? Vansen? That can't be good...

All good things must come to an end...and so must the flight of the USS Explorer. But before that happens, Captain Andy Baxter and crew have some unfinished business. Thirty stories worth, as a matter of fact. So join us for two 15-story runs as the Explorer wraps up its eight years of...exploring. Be there for the ups, the downs, and the sideways stuff. Be there for a biggie-sized chase to the ends of the galaxy as Baxter and company try to track down Alvin Ficker, try to regain their footing and salvage their dignity, and find out that in the end, maybe the dignity thing is a long shot after all...

Other Writings

Captain Baxter's Ranty Room:

Series Status

Year 8 has resumed from hiatus and posting has begun on the second half of the season.

Series Information

Space, the indefinite frontier. These are the seemingly neverending voyages of the Starship Explorer. Her crew's incessant mission: To explore brave new frontiers of boredom and incompetence, to seek out new neuroses and new cheap parodies, insanely going, and going, and going where no spin-off has gone before (again)...

Star Traks: The Vexed Generation is a series of stories spun off from Alan Decker's Star Traks: The Original Series that follows one crew between two quadrants and two ships, and various states of dementia. Confused? Then click the wiki links to and learn about the Aerostar, the Explorer, and the crew that straddles (figuratively) those two ships. Then dive into the stories on teh Vexed website and follow the trials and tribulations of Captain Baxter and company as they try to get out of the Delta Quadrant. The crew's continuing mission takes them to all four quadrants, deep, deep space, and alternate times and universes. The only question is how long they can go before their incompetencies and emotional baggage finally catch up with them.