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Alan Decker.

Series Synopsis

Somewhere...out there...on the edge of explored space...bordering a sector of xenophobic psychopaths... sits a station...(tired of the ellipses yet?). Anyway, it's Waystation, Starfleet's quickie-answer to the threat of the Multeks, a race of ethnocentric beings who refuse to even acknowledge that other species exist. The ever-wise and all-knowing folks at Starfleet Command have pulled officers from the USS Secondprize to command Waystation. They are all that stand between the Federation colonies of the Beta Quadrant and the Multeks. I hope the colonists have life insurance.

Series Status

The series is complete...unless Alan decides to write more at some point.

The Stories

See List of Star Traks: Waystation Stories

Major Characters

Listed ranks are from the character's introduction and may change during the series

Minor Characters

Series Notes

During the writing of Star Traks 4, I started thinking about the idea of a spin-off from Star Traks: The Original Series. I had so many characters running around the USS Secondprize that it was becoming hard to develop stories that used all of them in a satisfactory way. Lisa Beck was one of the obvious choices for the spin-off, since she had already taken command a couple of times, yet with Captain Alexander Rydell, Commander Travis Dillon, and Lieutenant Commander Jaroch around and Lieutenant Emily Sullivan advancing, those opportunities would be harder to come by.

I didn't specifically set out to parody Deep Space Nine with Star Traks: Waystation, but a space station series did seem like it would be a good change of pace. It would give me the opportunity to use civilian characters, such as Bradley Dillon, whom I had had fun writing in "Star Traks 4." So in Star Traks 5: In-The-Way-Station I had the Secondprize encounter the Multeks, an event which led Starfleet to hastily construct Waystation near Multek space and staff it with officers pulled from the Secondprize.

It took me a while to figure out how to write Waystation. At first I treated the stories just like stories from the original series, but that didn't quite work. The Waystation characters were different than their Secondprize counterparts. After the first run of short stories and the book, That Sinking Feeling, the series sat for a while. One obvious problem was that the station was ridiculously small, a situation that Anthony Butler and I addressed in the Renovations mini-series. But even after I had a big new station to play with, Waystation as a series sat. The book The Way We Were moved things forward somewhat, but I didn't really have the feel for writing Waystation until A Deadly Shade Of Blue, at which point I began treating Waystation more like a town. The Starfleet characters were still important, but I also developed minor characters around the station and tried to flesh out life beyond the Starfleet aspects. I was also more willing to go to darker places in the series, which I did in an arc I called "After The Dream."

As the series progressed, I think the Waystation characters ended up being far more developed than any in the original series, and I've been pretty happy with most of the stories I produced.


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